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Call for MYSPACE Guests for NAMAPAHH! Its that time again!

Call for MYSPACE Guests for NAMAPAHH! Its that time again!

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NAMAPAHH First People's Radio
Host/Producer Robin Carneen
Thurs 7-8:30pm Sun 4-5pm PST
Ways to hear our show online:
Or shorter segments via MYSPACE!
Main myspace page:
email: robin.carneen@gmail.com
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Home of NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: http://mysite.verizon.net/res7dwhg/

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STREAMING ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Myspace networkers...Time for guests from Myspace THIS THURS! 7-8:30 PM PST

We have only did this one other time & it was a hot show, many listeners & long overdo to offer this again...

THIS Thursday, if you want to call into NAMAPAHH, send me an email & why you want to call in & the topic is MYSPACE & why/how it has expanded the ever growing circle of MYSPACE friends...

My email address is robin.carneen@ gmail.com

First come, first served....we have 90 mins, lots of new music & this is a great way to wind down the end of the year!

Past guests have included John http://www.myspace.com/frybreadinspector
BunkHaus http://www.myspace.com/cominghorse
Woz http://www.myspace.com/woz53

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You'll each get 10 mins between song breaks...

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Hit me up if you want to be on! robin.carneen@gmail.com


Once I confirm you & your call in time slot...then you can tell all YOUR friends to tune in...

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Let's break the online listening record from Show 1-Myspace

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Thanks for being part of this special!

NDN Radio Robin

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PS: Shout outs, holidayBirthday wishes, announcements (especially if it is outreach over the Holidays where you are or across the Nation) etc encouraged as part of your 5 mins...

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To my son Nick- 20 years old Dec 10th! :)

chuu, Robin

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Here is an INSTANT example...Elaine Bomberry ( www.myspace.com/rezblueztv)
.....has agreed to be our first call in guest! Check out why:

Hi Everyone!
Hope you're all well and getting ready for the upcoming Holiday Season. I'm helping out the Aboriginal Mother Centre with their emergency fundraiser, a Christmas Gala, on Monday, December 10th, starting at 6:30 pm, at the Polish Community Centre, 4015 Fraser Street (by 24th), in Vancouver. The evening will begin with Cocktail Hour, then Dinner, Silent Art Auction, Door Prizes, and Superb Aboriginal Talent!

In the past week, the Aboriginal Mother Centre got news that their Homelessness Program funding was getting a major cut. The Aboriginal Mother Centre has been supporting low income and/or homeless Aboriginal women and children in Vancouver's eastside for many years, by providing a meal program five times a week. They also provide counselling, life skills training, education, etc. Please read the attached passionate letter and media release from Penny Irons, Chief Executive Officer, explaining the urgent need for this fundraiser. http:// www.amcs.ca

In addition, the Aboriginal Mother Centre, has trained women in the textile and weaving industry by operating a textile mill within their building. Over the past year, they made the conference bags for the World Peace Forum, the Aboriginal Business Summit, and for many other Aboriginal conferences in the Vancouver area. They also weave beautiful scarves and blankets, which will be on sale at their Christmas Gala.

The Aboriginal Mother Centre Christmas Gala will be hosted by multi-talented Actor/Singer/Songwriter Renae Morriseau. She is a member of M'Girl who just won Best Group/Duo at the 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, held last week in Toronto. Also sharing their wonderful music is Jason Burnstick on solo guitar, and Murray Porter on blues keyboards and vocals. Both Jason and Murray are former JUNO Nominees in the `Aboriginal Recording of the Year' categories. Jason Burnstick will be performing solo on his precious Wiessenborn lap slide guitar. We'll hear 2 performances from Murray Porter, his first set is a solo performance, and his band joins him on his second set. Accompanying Murray is the fabulous Helene Duguay on bass, Rick Boulter on guitar, and Darrell Mayes on drums.

For more info on these talented Artists, please go to:

* Renae Morriseau http://www.myspace.com/mgirlmusic
* Jason Burnstick http://www.myspace.com/jasonburnstick
* Murray Porter http://www.myspace.com/murrayportermusic
* Helene Duguay http://members.shaw.ca/helenduguay

If you are able, I would strongly urge you to attend The Aboriginal Mother Centre Christmas Gala on Monday, December 10th, starting at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $150 each, and a charitable tax receipt for a portion of this amount will be issued. There will also be a Silent Auction and Door Prizes. To order tickets, please call Mark Handley at 604-253-6262, or by email at mark@amcs.ca.

Thank you, and have a great Holiday Season!


Elaine Bomberry.

Tune in please! Set you clock alarms for 7 pm & your local dial for 91.7 FM or stearm us @ www.ksvr.org

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Stay tuned for the Massive Mix Session with DJ Defkawn & DJ Murph!
8:30-10pm PST

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Message to Humanity from Minnesota

Gosh, this is stunning! Thanks Pono!Robin
Message to Humanity from Minnesota
----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Pono
Date: Nov 28, 2007 2:00 PM

Mahalo: CHUCK
Date: Nov 28, 2007 1:35 PM

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: dreamer
Date: Nov 28, 2007 3:55 PM

From: Mark ThunderWolf and Yellow Moon
Date: Jun 19, 2006 5:19 PM

Thanks Lisa!
I know this man and his words are true. He is saying many things that have been told to me by the Old Ones. We need to listen and band together as one.
mitakuye oyasin,

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Lisa
Date: Jun 19, 2006 3:48 PM

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: WoZ (Nituhkuyin Mahikan Mist..iguso)
Date: Jun 19, 2006 5:36 PM


----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: I Earthican
Date: Jun 19, 2006 3:20 PM

WoZ (Nituhkuyin Mahikan Mist..iguso)


Greetings my brothers and sisters,
I don't write real clear sometimes
and need to redo my writings so here it is...
thanks for listening with an open heart..
.blessings to you all...Blue Thunder


Message to Humanity from Minnesota,
by Blue Thunder
September 25th, 2005

Greetings all my relatives,

I am here in Minnesota today
thinking about the weather situations
and the prophecies,
message of my dreams, visions.

My message to those that have been following my work
as a peacekeeper is of love, peace
and harmony for Mother Earth.

There are many messages of how Mother Earth will reflect
her power on the areas that are causing pain
and sorrow to the earth, wind, fire and water.

Mother Earth herself will benefit from the consequences
of nature forces, bring harmony.

Many places upon Mother Earth will be purified of the greed,
anger, hatred, alcoholism, drug addiction, jealousy, ect
and in the construction
and plundering in the development of
Mother Earths resources.

Universal protocols need to be understood.

Universal laws of how the earth works need to be reflected
upon by all nations of the world.

Those that do not come back into Universal Law
in using the right thought forms
and speaking the Spoken Truth will come under attack
by those energies of their own making
in thought forms and their actions.

Cause has an effect, either positive or negative,
one or the other it will prevail,
light or darkness we have two choices.

What is your choice?

Spiritual Law is the Universal Law of how the spiritual laws
of thoughts work in all of natures creations.

This magical energy used in our minds manifests harmony
or disharmony, most evident at this time in history,
called prophecy.

What we sow is what we will reap in manifestation,
reflecting this into the environments of nature
and our families across the world.

Humanity is slowly awakening to what is being reflected
upon Mother Earth and how things really work on Turtle Island
in Universal Laws, spiritual law of the land
and not the Man Made Laws.

These Man Made Laws have taken Mother Nature out of
balance, out harmony and into what is happening now
in the environmental changes of the world.

Universal Laws are fixing what is wrong now;
Natures Laws are in charge not the Man Made Laws.

Using the thought forms of having the right to prosperity
is the curse.

Thinking that Mother Earth is a material thing in the thoughts
of humanity and not recognizing our Mother will be the
downfall to those in humanity now in those negative
thought forms.

The reconnection is need to become grounded to Earth Wisdom,
this knowledge is needed now to help our children,
animals, insects, mammals, four legged, winged ones,
all of creation.

We manifest all that we get,
if we think we are sick then we will be sick,
if we think we are not sick we wont be sick.

This is the universal law in the thinking processes,
what we think will prevail.

As the saying goes,
ask and you shall receive, our thoughts are powerful,
universal law using our minds in sacredness, prayers,
we get what we think, in prayers.

There is hope for us all as many Native Americans join the
other that are awake, as others awaken from a deep sleep
in the consciousness need, including all cultures.

Nature is here to remind us of exactly that, prophecy.

The Native Americans hold the fail-safe connection to heal
Mother Nature for all of humanity, prophecy.

As many awaken from this deep sleep and go to work on
Mother Earth environments everywhere in the Americas we
take stewardship once again.

Indigenous Nations will lead the way in harmonic ceremonies
for all of humanities cultures.

What we reflect upon the surface is what will be reflected
above and below us in the weathers environments healing
the Mother Earths, Soil, Wind, Fire and Water.

Working together co-creating with the holy ones,
our ancestors and other spiritual beings.

Working with the many different spirits
and they are waiting impatiently,
this is the messages from across the Indigenous Nations
in the Americas at this very moment.

Many messengers are coming, relaying the messages,
coming from the European Nations,
Black Nations,
Yellow Nations,
Brown Nations
and the Red Nations around the world.

Just as our ancestors did in the past care taking those
sacred sites in prayer are the messages of the Europeans
and other cultures messages;
giving and asking for forgiveness of the ancestors
of the white,
and red nations for peace.

It is apparent this is what is needed to have peace,
freedom and the love needed for our fellow brothers
and sisters.

When we do this we can re-educate all cultures on
Earth Wisdom, this is prophecy, knowledge.

Now is the time to act as Indigenous Nations,
including all cultures to help our children of the future
that are arriving everyday.

There is hope and as strong belief in wisdom,
within us all.

It needs to be understood where this is going,
and why it is needed and who the stewards really are
carrying the wisdom for all of humanity,
All Nations together as one in true sovereignty.

What we are seeing now in natures fury
and her forces are taking out those that no longer
serve a purpose.

Called re-purification time, prophecy.

No one can deny this now.

Our powerful thoughts need to be understood how the
mind works and how powerful it really is in thought forms.

Those that do not heed the messages from prophecies
and many messages from Rainbow Warriors
in the new sacred teachings will have a hard time.

Those that do not awaken now in these teachings will
suffer greatly in their families;
homelands and this will be a wake up call
for those not listening.

The message has to be given.

Forecasting the future to those that will see what will
happen when they are asleep finding themselves in trouble
in nature, in their homes and homelands.

Like the tsunami, hurricane, tornadoes, floods
and earthquakes around the world taking place
as I write this.

This is only the beginning...
stay tuned...
more is on the way...i
f we work together repairing the sacred sites together
the families of humanity we will soften the blow
from natures forces.

My message of how to soften the blow of nature is in our
Indigenous Earth Wisdom.

This knowledge is one way;
there are many ways
and the Indigenous Nations hold the key.

I have been calling upon all nations to open up in peace
and to forgive what has happened in the past,
present and into the future.

Joining forces together healing the sacred sites.

In doing so we will heal the Mother Earth
and teach all cultures how to do this with our
sacred vibration in sound using the colors of the
rainbows to heal all of Mother Earth
with the Indigenous Wisdom.

Utilizing the light, sound
and vibration the Creator blessed us with in our ceremonies.

Using one heart, one spirit,
and one mind working together in this manner
of thought forms in peace, side by side one another,
all cultures working together.

This is what Mother and Father intended for us to do
and we will heal the sacred sites and our relationships.

The elements are in trauma because of greed in mining,
construction, cutting of the trees, building dams, railroads;
they hold consciousness just like us.

These elements hold us together in positive thought
forms, harmony,
thinking patterns in negativity for materialism
and greed has caused the effect of natures weather
to come down upon us in these last days of this time
period on Earth.

Mother Earth will not disappear only those the do not work
with her in peace, prophecy, re-purification is here
and many will leave the planet.


Mother Earth will always be here for those that work
with her and those that don't work for her in materialist
way will way leave now and in the times ahead...

those that support the oil and gas industry control the world
in darkness...

they are being impacted right now
and the rich and the poor alike that are in anger
and hatred will leave the planet
leaving a powerful message to the rest of us
in what not to do.

This and many more messages are what I was instructed
to give to those that will need our help as
Native Americans and other Indigenous Nations alike.

The Indigenous Nations hold the fail safe Earth Wisdom
and Knowledge for the World.

This is why it is so important for the tribal nations to heal
one another and stop blaming themselves
and others on the terrible things that happened in history.

Let it go,
I ask respectfully get over it
and move on in helping healing Mother Earth
as we were intended to do.


Using our ceremonies teaching the other cultures
how they work so each
and every person understands how Universal Laws work,
Mother Earths Ceremonies, Universal Laws.

Those that choose the path of the
Rainbow Warrior Prophecy...
many blessings to you, my prayers are with you and yours.

Mother Earth and Father, our Creator
and ancestors are awakening our many cultures
from a deep, deep sleep.

Many blessings to you my fellow sisters and brothers,
for we are all related together to one another.

This means everything in nature everywhere forever
and forever so be it as it was intended in beauty.

Many blessings to us all,
not forgetting
that we are the ones
we have been waiting for.


Blue Thunder, aka Bennie LeBeau,
Eastern Shoshone,
Wind River Indian Reservation,
Ft. Washakie, Wyoming,
Egan, Minnesota,

Please send this message to our sacred sisters
and brothers everywhere...
of the brown, black, white, yellow
and red nations of the world,
coming together like the five fingers of the hand of creation,
in oneness.

The Eagle, Condor and Buffalo Nations of the Americas
are uniting the awareness as you read this message
many thank you's,

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tune In Please! 11-22-07: NAMAPAHH: "What others are doing to give to Mother Earth and her humans! And what they are personally thankful for"

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PR photoshop art by Gette(thanks NASA for the Globe shot!)

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio
KSVR 91.7 FM
Mt Vernon, WA
Host/producer: Robin Carneen
email: robin.carneen@gmail.com
website: www.myspace.com/nativeraio4all

webstreaming live on: www.ksvr.org

PLEASE SUPPORT equal access for
listeners & radio streams
URGENT: http://www.savenetradio.org/

KSVR 91.7 FM Mt Vernon, WA
THIS THURS 11-22-07
7-8:30 pm PST/10-11:30 pm EST
Studio Line: (360) 416-7000

STAY TUNED: Massive Mix Session with Defkawn!!!!
Hip Hop, R&B, cool interviews with artist & other fly young people!
8:30-10PM PST....adjust time zones if need be!
He's worth staying up late with!

"Keep That Native Radio Going On"

Guest co-host is my own Swinomish Mother: Carneen Allen(And her sweet dawg Pepsi)~
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Thursday Nov 22nd, 2007:

"What others are doing to give to Mother Earth and her humans! And what they are personally thankful for"

Please tune in and enjoy listening in on our special talking circle, from friends far & wide who have been invited to share how they are contributing and do their own share of "GIVING"...and give they do! Each one of us in our own way strive to help each others & those who are disadvantaged in and around the great Mother Earth. Though NAMAPAHH focuses on Native Americans & First People, everyone is considered in the program. Many issues that affect our Native people, also touch & are interwoven in the fabric of America. Global warming is one grave concern, as an example. The Mother Earth is stressed greatly these days & there are also the ongoing concerns this time of year of everyone having enough...enough clothing; enough warmth-via warm jackets; heat, etc; food; love of others, especially the children & Elders.

I am thankful for the work my guests and others wake up every morning and do....I am thankful for my friends and family...and by giving a platform via KSVR 91.7 FM radio, I hope the giving of news of needs & ways to help, travel far & wide....so turn the radio UP, not off, tune in online...call in after 8:15 pm if you have some sharing to contribute!

We will have lots of great Native American music too, courtsey of James Bilagody & many other fine musicians!

What do you give to Mother Earth and her beings & creatures? What are you thankful for?

First guest: Lynne Vantriglia : Art Behind Bars program founder/executive director
Keywest, Florida

PRESS RELEASE for immediate distribution: 11/19/07

Art Behind Bars, the art-based community service organization for inmates, will be one of the featured guests on radio talk show host Robin Carneen's NAMAPAHH First People's Radio's Thanksgiving Show. The theme of the show will focus on individuals and organizations that do community outreach through their activities. Art Behind Bars, based in Key West, FL, gives inmates an opportunity to contribute to society through the donation of artwork to non-profit organizations all over the country as well as in their local S. Florida area. The program, now in its 14th year, has donated artwork valued at $88,000 to 350 diverse groups, including many that serve Native American children. Through a national call for donations of inmate artwork, more than 300 inmates in prisons nationwide have been able to participate in the program, along with the 6,400 inmates that have participated in the twice-weekly classes offered in Key West's Monroe County Detention Center. For more information, visit www.artbehindbars.org

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Also on NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: Jay Winter Nightwolf...James Bilagody...Anthony J. Pasquariello, Esq.

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photo by yillah ©2004

Second guest: Jay Winter Nightwolf : "A Native voice for the human family"
Washington, DC

Jay Winter Nightwolf is a Washington, DC-area American Indian/Native American teacher as well as radio commentator and host of WPFW's Nightwolf show. Each week he and his guests discuss American Indian perspectives, history, and traditions, and how they illuminate the cultural, economic, and political issues of society at large. His message is simple and direct:

"We are all members of the one human family. Let us walk together in respect, harmony, and love with one another and with all the life on this earth."

NIGHTWOLF is broadcast each week on Pacifica's WPFW 89.3 FM and over the Internet Sunday evenings at 8:00 pm EST

An example of how Jay and his friends give to the human race, especially those on South Dakota Reservations:

Saturday, September 01, 2007
2nd Annual Fund Drive for South Dakota Tribes

Greetings Everyone,

Last year the 1st Fund Drive to help our sisters and brothers they sat on destitute Indian Reservations was successful. The listeners and supporters of my radio program "Nightwolf - the Most Dangerous Show On the Radio" filled a 53 ft. tractor trailer with warm coats, blankets, infants snow suits, pampers, some food, shoes, boots, sweaters, toys and the list goes on. We were able to make deliveries to 7 reservations. The one truck helped. However, if I had 100 trucks, it would not have been enough. Everybody helped. My grandkids did fundraisers at their schools for school supplies and whatever they could get. We were able to collect a little money that helped to pay for the trip and buy food and heating fuel for some of the people out there. We started late, we started in November.

This year we are starting a little earlier and we are counting on all of you to spread the word. We would like to raise at least $150,000 or more to enable us to help more deserving people. As you may know, the poorest people in America live on the South Dakota Indian reservations. I met folks that hadn't eaten in 3-4 days. Can you imagine going without food that long and not getting sick?

This year I have decided to attempt to include the United Houma Nation of Louisiana. They were hit extremely hard by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The federal government has done little or nothing to help. The Red Cross (Crooks) only gave lip service after collecting hundreds of millions of dollars. Kuwait gave the Red Cross 50 million dollars to assist the victims of these devastating storms. Instead of using that money for relief efforts, they built new office buildings in New York.

If you would like to help, you can make cash donations to:


13102 English Turn Drive

Silver Spring, Maryland


Make your checks payable to The Nightwolf Indian Relief c/o IMAC. IMAC is a 501c3 non-profit that is set up to help minority groups/indigenous groups within the U.S. and globally.

Thank you in advance. Jay Winter Nightwolf

Side note: Jay Winter Nightwolf will host a special show Thursday on what some consider "The National Day of Mourning" while some "observe the traditional American Thanksgiving" Jay says...he will be offering a marathon broadcast of a 3 hour special of Nightwolf - the Most Dangerous Show on the Radio from 9 - 12 noon. " (EST!!!!!)

You can listen online, hope you do! Jay's got quite a line up!!!!!!!!



Third guest: James Bilagody : Navajo-Dine Singer/Songwriter:
Tuba City, Arizona
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James Bilagody leads his life with a song in his heart. He was exposed to traditional Navajo song through his aunt and uncle at an early age and they introduced him to what would become his lifelong passion. He also listened extensively to classical music as a child and it opened his eyes to the diversity and beauty of music. While he was starting his prolific journey into music, he worked as a radio DJ at KRCL in Salt Lake City,Utah, which had a multiple music format and at KGHR in Tuba City, Arizona, which had a country music format. He also played rhythm guitar for a country band for a short time.

As he grew older, he was introduced to Elvis Presley’s music and became entranced by the energy of rock and roll. He later returned to his Native roots and sang traditional and fusion vocals for several albums. He sang on 1989’s Sacred Feelings with flute by Douglas Spotted Eagle, 1990’s Canyon Speak, 1991’s Sound of America Records (SOAR) Sampler with various other artists and 1994’s SOARS Solo Flights II with various other artists as well.

He also contributed to the vocals on Wolf Moon in 1997 with Little Wolf, Contact from the Underworld of Red Boy in 1998 with Robbie Robertson and One Nation in 1999 with Brule. James wrote, recorded and contributed to the production of two of his own albums, Beauty Ways in 1992 and Sing For Me in 1999, which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Native American Music Album. With his knowledge and skills developed through the years by his involvement in the music business, he has supported the musical development and efforts of the tremendously popular Native rock band The Cremains.

It only seemed natural for James Bilagody and The Cremains to collaborate on a musical project since they share a similar love of rock and traditional Native song. The result, Sacred Stage is a testament to this fusion of styles. They have already performed at many locations throughout the Southwest with an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from their audience.The tracks consist of beautiful Native vocals backed by traditional drumbeat and they naturally progress to a full rock set with vocals sung by James in Navajo. Everyone involved with this collaboration are both excited to be exploring new territory and consider themselves to be writing a new chapter in a book the history of rock and roll. Never in the history of music has anyone solemnly fused the heritage of Native America with the vigor of hard rock.

Jump at any opportunity to come and hear something that has never been done before…

-K. McGinnis

E-Mail: Jbbsongs@hotmail.com

An example of how James gives, back to his Elders:

(from his myspace blog:http://www.myspace.com/jamesbilagodymusic)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Elder Campout

It was hot. But it was beautiful. At the northern base of the San Francisco Peak. Navajo call it "Dook o'o' sliid"... The Elders were camping out. Partaking of this took me back many, many, years. The Ceremonial campouts, the pinon picking camps, the ole' logging camps up in the pinyon pine and yes, Ole' Flagstaff Pow Wow. Wow! The air so clean. The folks so alive. The songs so Native! For me, a renewal. I saw the elders dance. I heard the elders sing. There were more than one Tribe with their elders there. It was a sharing. The quiet, the relaxing, the "sharing" was powerful. It was a healing. A renewal. Thank you to the Elders and their campout and for inviting me to be there with you. Thank you Lola and thank you Tincer, Sarah and all the other staff taking care of our elders. What a time it was. What a time it is. Sa'ah Naaghai Bik'eh Hozhoon! That's what I'm talkin about... That's what it is about. Ahehee!

Upcoming Shows

Dec 6 2007 7:00P: UNM Gallup - Achieving the Dream Cultural Series Gallup, New Mexico
Dec 16 2007 10:00A: Welcome Home Jarrett Thoreau, Arizona
Dec 30 2007 5:00P: Sobriety Pow wow - Supper Break

Contact info: www.jamesbilagody.com

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Fourth Guest: Anthony J. Pasquariello, Esq.
Rockaway, New Jersey

Anthony J. Pasquariello, Esq. lives in New Jersey, raising 2 teenagers on his own, with instructions from his Elders to band with the Algonquin Nation and assist as best he can. He is a traditional Mohawk, with roots in Kahnawake (5 mis. SW of Montreal), where his Longhouse is and where his mother was born. He is a lawyer in the United States and somehow finds himself enmeshed in the birthing of the Nation foretold by our ancestors across Turtle Island (the World).

Peace. Onenkiwahi!

Anthony J. Pasquariello, Esq.
Anthony J. Pasquariello & Associates, P.C.
305 E. Main Street
Rockaway, New Jersey 07866
(973) 784-4515 (phone and fax)(201)410-8253(cell)

" I am of the Mohawk Nation, 1 of the 6 Nations of the Iroquois (Haudenausaunee) Confederacy in the Northeastern American Continent. I set forth below the Declaration we are soon to sign (about 50 Nations here are signing it so far - and growing)...."


AND NOW, THE Indigenous Peoples desiring to re-assert their Creator- given rights to live, prosper and care for their ancestral lands, said rights arising from time immemorial; the Indigenous Peoples desiring to re-assert such Creator-given rights through their ancestral Nations; IT APPEARING that such Creator-given rights were never surrendered and could never be surrendered, voluntarily or otherwise; IT FURTHER APPEARING that such Creator-given Sovereignty may co-exist with the sovereignty asserted by other non-indigenous Nations, such mutual sovereignty able to exist in the same space and at the same time;

THEREFORE, The Indigenous Peoples hereby demand immediate recognition of such Creator-given Sovereignty and collectively and unanimously agree to take all steps deemed by all to be necessary and appropriate to obtain such recognition from all affected non-indigenous Nations, including the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and any other Nation whose sovereignty currently infringes upon the Sovereignty of the Confederated Nations of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, said
Sovereignty, Rights, Demand and Steps arising under the following PRINCIPLES, hereby deemed to be immutable as having derived directly from the Creator:

FIRST, each and every Indigenous Person of the Confederated Nations of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, regardless of which Indigenous Nation that Indigenous Person was born into, is born endowed with Sovereign status because such Sovereignty is Creator-given and may not be modified, amended, taken away or destroyed by any human or any institution created by any human or any combination of humans, whether by force or by Treaty;

SECOND, each and every Indigenous Person of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, by and through their respective Nations, neither ceded, nor was ever able to cede, as set forth FIRST above, their Creator-given Sovereignty, either through Treaty or any other such document or device, whether Ordered by any Court of any Nation or otherwise;

THIRD, the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, by and through their respective Nations, are entitled to all accoutrements of Sovereignty, including the right to be recognized as nation-states by all other nation-states, whether existing or to be created, the right to enact laws for the benefit of their Peoples and to regulate commerce,from the determination of who shall constitute the Peoples, maintaining the status of the Peoples, from birth to passing, to the right to impose taxes, if any; that is, the
Confederated Nations of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas shall have all the rights and accoutrements of any internationally recognized nation-state under international law; and

FOURTH, each and every Indigenous Person of the Confederated Nations of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas is an individually Sovereign Human Being, having arisen from and being part of Mother Earth, born with inherent Sovereignty that may co-exist in the same space and at the same time with the sovereignty of other nation-states whose sovereignty currently infringes upon the Sovereignty of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, such that each and every Indigenous Person has the
inherent right to reside, be gainfully employed, travel, hunt, gather, or engage in any other activity enjoyed by Human Beings as such, anywhere in the Americas, without any interference or impediments from the infringing nation-states.


November 3, 2007:

Dozens of Indigenous Sovereign Nations throughout Canada and the United States have agreed to move forward with a Declaration of Sovereignty, by which these Indigenous Sovereign Nations will band together to re-assert their inherent sovereignty, inviting all Indigenous Sovereign Nations from all around the world to join. This newly con-federated Nation is appropriately named “The Turtle Island Confederacy.” Those who know will understand that “Turtle Island” is another traditional name for “the World.” This is truly a universal Declaration. The Hereditary Chiefs of these Indigenous Sovereign Nations will gather at a signing ceremony
to take place at a location and on a date soon to be decided by the Elders involved, at which time The Turtle Island Confederacy will be born.

Again, those who know will understand that the traditional governing systems and the traditional cultures of these Indigenous Sovereign Nations were and continue to be decimated by laws enacted by their “host” countries, including Canada and the United States, which laws, among other things, impose false (proxy)(foreign) governments on our people. This true Declaration of true Sovereignty has the blessing of the Creator and International Law.

The creation of The Turtle Island Confederacy will immediately free the Indigenous Sovereign Nations to re-assert their sovereignty, an inherent sovereignty that was never surrendered and never could have been surrendered. It has taken the Indigenous Sovereign Nations over 200 years to regroup and arrive at this crucial point in history to re-commence performing their sacred duties to care for Mother Earth and, hence, all people. It is no accident and no coincidence that the Creator has chosen this time to arrange the rebirth of this ancient Nation. The air, the water, the land and all living things are in danger now as never before. The Turtle Island Confederacy is born from all things positive, not from anger for past oppression and atrocities undeniably committed. These things are forgiven. When the colonizers arrived, we welcomed them and cared for them when they
could not care for themselves.

They were like children sitting at our feet in need of sustenance, which we gladly provided. The children grew up steadily over the course of several hundred years, only to rebel against their caregivers, reacting with greed and forgetfulness of all we did for them and all we tried to teach them. For this they are also forgiven. The time has come, however, when these now young adults must realize and admit the innocent error of their youthful and frivolous ways and turn once again to the wisdom and care of those who raised them. Unwittingly, they developed along the way the technological and linguistic means for all Indigenous Sovereign Nations to now join together with one good mind and one pure heart for the good of all humans.

In conclusion, The Turtle Island Confederacy extends an open invitation to all Indigenous Sovereign Nations to join us on this historic and epic peaceful path into the future and also to convey this all-important message to all colonizing states: “The Turtle Island Confederacy extends, once again, its open hand in friendship and in good faith as our gesture of our desire to continue to coexist for the benefit and respect of all people and our one true Mother, “Turtle Island.”

Contact Information:

wigibiwajak@hotmail.com (Jacob Wawatie, Chief, Algonquin)
Chief_Capilano@hotmail.com (Jerry Capilano, Chief, Squamish)
Gmetallic@hotmail.com (Gary Metallic, Chief, Mi’kmaq)
Tonyplaw@optonline.net (Tony P., Attorney, Mohawk)

Anthony J. Pasquariello, Esq.
Anthony J. Pasquariello & Associates, P.C.
305 E. Main Street
Rockaway, New Jersey 07866
(973) 784-4515 (phone and fax)(201)410-8253(cell)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

11-22-07 Promo Slideshow:


Direct link:


Monday, November 19, 2007


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sue Charles
Date: Nov 19, 2007 12:40 PM
Subject: PRESS RELEASE for Tues. Nov. 20th Events - Dramatic Influence New Zealand


Dramatic Influence, a dynamic group of about 20 Maori young people from New Zealand who are on tour in the US and Canada, will be featured in two separate Television shows and a Podcast program. These shows will be taped on Nov.20, 2007 in Olympia, Washington , USA. Location address for TCTV where the programs will be taped: 440 Yauger Way SW, Olympia , WA 98502.

Dramatic Influence New Zealand will present their full program Tuesday evening Nov. 20th at 8 PM at the Nisqually Tribal Center east of Olympia , Washington, USA . Location address for Nisqually Tribe Is 4820 She Nah Num Drive S.E., Olympia, WA 98513.

Dramatic Influence New Zealand is a group of Maori young people from New Zealand who are touring the US, Canada and Hawaii promoting positive messages such as: "Be Proud to be Native", It's Cool to Stay in School", "BE FREE: Drug-free, Smoke-free, Alcohol-free and Violence-free!"

The program consists of presentations in Maori cultural dance and song, hop-hop, sign language, rap and dramatic skits, reaching the youth of today in a good and positive way.

Three young people from the Muckleshoot Tribe near Auburn, Washington are on the Dramatic Influence Team for the 2007 Tour. Last year these three Native American teens traveled to New Zealand, lived there for six months, training with the Dramatic Influence Team in preparation for the six month tour in the US and Canada. When the 2007 Tour ends in December the three youth will return to their homes in Washington State.

Founding Directors Fred and Ces Cooper began working with local at-risk youth in 1981. They developed effective methods of re-directing young people away from unsociable behaviors, and incorporated creative arts and cultural exchange experience into the program. Tour Managers Dean and Teresa Paul, having parallel concerns for youth, joined the team bringing their understanding and experience. Plans continue to develop with more tours and outreach to Native American, First Nations and Indigenous Youth in the US, Canada and Hawaii anticipated for the future.

One of the TV shows, entitled NW Native Culture, will feature interviews and show highlights of Dramatic Influence New Zealand's tour performances. The second TV show will be the entire Dramatic Influence performance as presented for schools and tribal communities throughout their tour. The podcast program, in talk show format will be featured on at least two channels of www.Yaktivate.com on the internet, as well as other podcast channels.

The TV programs will air on TCTV in Olympia several times in November and December 2007, and will be offered to local TV stations in various parts of the US and Canada . Air times in other areas to be announced on Dramatic Influence New Zealand blog at http://dramaticinfluencenz.wordpress.com/blog/

Producer and director of these programs, Sue Charles, has eagerly taken on the mission of promoting Dramatic Influence NZ both on the internet and through traditional media. Sue is an award winning television and video documentary producer, and is the owner of NW Native Media Productions. She is the producer and director of NW Native Culture TV series which has featured many guests and topics since 1991.

For more information, contact Fred Cooper, the Managing Director of Dramatic Influence New Zealand at the following:

Email Fred Cooper:

Web Address:

Dramatic Influence
c/o Vincent House Hostel
78 No 3 Road
Te Puke
New Zealand.
Phone: 00. 617. 573. 5727


Monday, November 12, 2007

IRS Warns Taxpayers of New E-mail Scams

2:45 PM PST 11-12-07:

(IRS Warns Taxpayers of New E-mail Scams)

This almost just happened to me, been waiting to hear if I got a refund, been going back & forth with the REAL IRS...found this in my spam mail in one of my boxes online...clicked on the site & yep, it was asking for all my info, which would have provided a way for them to steal my identity & get into my accts, etc. You can't even click on other links that look like it is a real IRS page...and the fact that this is a Federal Holiday & I got this today is another clue!

So I went to the IRS site & found this Press release...how come this is not in the news???? I will share it far & wide...

Just wanted to warn you all...this is awful!

Take caution on the net, forewarned is forearmed!

Thought I'd only have to worry about the wind...spammers & scammers we are on to you!

Robin Carneen

IRS Warns Taxpayers of New E-mail Scams

Updated Nov. 7, 2007 — In a variation, an e-mail scam claims to come from the IRS and the Taxpayer Advocate Service (a genuine IRS program that provides an independent system to assure that unresolved tax problems are promptly and fairly handled). The e-mail says that the recipient is eligible for a tax refund and directs the recipient to click on a link that leads to a fake IRS Web site. The IRS recommends that recipients do not click on links in, or open any attachments to, e-mails they receive that are unsolicited or that come from unknown sources.

Updated Nov. 2, 2007 — A new scam e-mail that appears to be a solicitation from the IRS and the U.S. government for charitable contributions to victims of the recent Southern California wildfires has been making the rounds. A link in the e-mail, when clicked, sends the e-mail recipients to a Web site that looks like the IRS Web site, but isn't. They are then directed to click on a link that opens a donation form that asks for personal and financial information. The scammers can use that information to gain access to the e-mail recipients' financial accounts. The IRS does not send e-mails to taxpayers soliciting contributions to a charitable cause.

Updated Sept. 19, 2007 — Another recent e-mail scam tells taxpayers that the IRS has calculated their "fiscal activity" and that they are eligible to receive a tax refund of a certain amount. Taxpayers receive a page of, or are sent to, a Web site (titled "Get Your Tax Refund!") that copies the appearance of the genuine "Where's My Refund?" interactive page on the genuine IRS Web site. Like the real "Where's My Refund?" page, taxpayers are asked to enter their SSNs and filing status. However, the phony Web page asks taxpayers to enter their credit card account numbers instead of the exact amount of refund as shown on their tax return, as the real "Where's My Refund?" page does. Moreover, the IRS does not send e-mails to taxpayers to advise them of refunds or to request financial information.

Updated Aug. 24, 2007 — The Internal Revenue Service today warned taxpayers of a new phishing scam, in which an e-mail purporting to come from the IRS advises taxpayers they can receive $80 by filling out an online customer satisfaction survey. The IRS urges taxpayers to ignore this solicitation and not provide any requested information. The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers through e-mail.

Updated June 19, 2007 — In another recent scam, consumers have received a "Tax Avoidance Investigation" e-mail claiming to come from the IRS' "Fraud Department" in which the recipient is asked to complete an "investigation form," for which there is a link contained in the e-mail, because of possible fraud that the recipient committed. It is believed that clicking on the link may activate a Trojan Horse.

IR-2007-109, May 31, 2007

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today alerted taxpayers to the latest versions of an e-mail scam intended to fool people into believing they are under investigation by the agency’s Criminal Investigation division.

The e-mail purporting to be from IRS Criminal Investigation falsely states that the person is under a criminal probe for submitting a false tax return to the California Franchise Tax Board. The e-mail seeks to entice people to click on a link or open an attachment to learn more information about the complaint against them. The IRS warned people that the e-mail link and attachment is a Trojan Horse that can take over the person’s computer hard drive and allow someone to have remote access to the computer.

The IRS urged people not to click the link in the e-mail or open the attachment.
Similar e-mail variations suggest a customer has filed a complaint against a company and the IRS can act as an arbitrator. The latest versions appear aimed at business taxpayers as well as individual taxpayers.

The IRS does not send out unsolicited e-mails or ask for detailed personal and financial information. Additionally, the IRS never asks people for the PIN numbers, passwords or similar secret access information for their credit card, bank or other financial accounts.

“Everyone should beware of these scam artists,” said Kevin M. Brown, Acting IRS Commissioner. “Always exercise caution when you receive unsolicited e-mails or e-mails from senders you don’t know.”

Recipients of questionable e-mails claiming to come from the IRS should not open any attachments or click on any links contained in the e-mails. Instead, they should forward the e-mails to phishing@irs.gov (follow the instructions).

The IRS also sees other e-mail scams that involve tricking victims into revealing private personal and financial information over the Internet, a practice that is known as “phishing” for information.

The IRS and the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration work with the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) and various Internet service providers and international CERT teams to have the phishing sites taken offline as soon as they are reported.

Since the establishment of the mail box last year, the IRS has received more than 17,700 e-mails from taxpayers reporting more than 240 separate phishing incidents. To date, investigations by TIGTA have identified host sites in at least 27 different countries, as well as in the United States.

Other fraudulent e-mail scams try to entice taxpayers to click their way to a fake IRS Web site and ask for bank account numbers. Another widespread e-mail tells taxpayers the IRS is holding a refund (often $63.80) for them and seeks financial account information. Still another email claims the IRS’s ‘anti-fraud commission’ is investigating their tax returns.

Related Item:

Suspicious e-Mails and Identity Theft

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The night the FCC came to town.....and Seattle and beyond rose up to greet them!

The night the FCC came to town.....and Seattle and beyond rose up to greet them!

Eyewitness report by Robin Carneen


Friday, November 9, 2007

4:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)

Town Hall Seattle
Great Hall
1119 Eighth Avenue (at Seneca Street)
Seattle, WA 98101


"The purpose of the hearing is to fully involve the public in the process of the 2006 Quadrennial Broadcast Media Ownership Review that the Commission is currently conducting. This hearing is the sixth and final media ownership hearing the Commission intends to hold across the country. Previous FCC public hearings in the current review of media ownership issues were held in Los Angeles, CA, on October 3, 2006; Nashville, TN, on December 11, 2006; and Harrisburg, PA, on February 23, 2007; Tampa Bay, FL, on April 30, 2007; and Chicago, IL, on September 20, 2007.

The hearing is open to the public, and seating will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. The hearing format will enable members of the public to participate via "open microphone."

*The summaries listed in this notice are intended for the use of the public attending open Commission meetings. Information not summarized may also be considered at such meetings. Consequently these summaries should not be interpreted to limit the Commission's authority to consider any relevant information.

There will be two panels, each followed by a period for public comment.

Agenda and list of witnesses follows:
(All Times PST)

4:00 p.m. Welcome/Opening Remarks

4:30 p.m. Panel Discussion 1: Perspectives on Media Ownership

Mark Allen , President & CEO, Washington State Association of Broadcasters

Frank Blethen , Publisher/CEO, Seattle Times

John Carlson , Radio Talk Show Host, KVI-AM

Erubiel Valladares-Carranzo II, Technical Engineer, KPCN-LP 96.3 FM Radio Movimiento "La Voz del Pueblo"

Bernie Foster , Publisher, The Portland Skanner, The Seattle Skanner

Ray Heacox , General Manager, King Broadcasting Seattle

Elizabeth Blanks Hindman , Associate Professor, Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University

Diana Kramer , Vice President and General Manager, Puget Sound Publishing Company

Pamela S. Pearson , Vice President/General Manager, KCPQ/KMYQ-TV, Tribune Broadcasting Company

Jon Rand , General Manager, KAYU TV, Spokane, KCYU TV, Yakima, KFFX TV, Tri-Cities

Cheryl A. Salomone , Vice President and Market Manager, New Northwest Broadcasters – Tri Cities, WA

5:30 p.m. Public Comments

7:30 p.m. Break


8:00 p.m. Panel Discussion 2: Perspectives on Media Ownership

Abby Dylan, National Board Member, Screen Actors Guild Seattle

Bruce Fife , President, American Federation of Musicians, Local 99

Christina Romano Glaubke , Director, Children and the Media Program, Children Now

Joseph Orozco , Station Manager, KIDE 91.3 FM

Michelle Santosuosso , Former Vice President of Artist and Label Relations, Napster, Inc.

9:00 p.m. Public Comments

11:00 p.m. Wrap-Up/Adjournment

The moderator will be Louis Sigalos, Chief of the Consumer Affairs & Outreach Division, Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau, FCC

A live audio cast of the hearing will be available at the FCC's website at www.fcc.gov on a first-come, first-served basis. The public may also file comments or other documents with the Commission and should reference docket number 06-121 when filing by paper or submit your filing electronically by going to http://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/ecfs/upload_v2.cgi and enter proceeding number 06-121. Filing instructions are provided at http://www.fcc.gov/ownership/comments.html.

Sign language interpreters and open captioning will be provided for this event. Other reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are available upon request. Include a description of the accommodation needed, and include a way we can contact you if we need more information. Please make your request as early as possible. Last minute requests will be accepted, but may be impossible to fill. Send an e-mail to fcc504@fcc.gov or call the Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau at 202-418-0530 (voice), 202-418-0432 (tty).

For additional information about the hearing, please visit the FCC's website at http://www.fcc.gov/ownership. Press inquiries should be directed to Mary Diamond at 202-418-2388 or to Clyde Ensslin at 202-418-0506.



FCC testimony by Robin Carneen:( two minutes of excerpts of this was shared)

ah see um my name is Robin Carneen, I am a Swinomish tribal member from Washington State.

Welcome to Seattle and Salish Indian lands , many heard that the FCC was looking for relaxation...the corporate media interests immediately came to mind when I heard this.

I will tell you why this is a bad idea.

I see it as another tool of oppression for women, youth, and Native American people like myself & all who could not be here & who I represent today.

This includes many of my diverse listeners, who tune in to KSVR & NAMAPAHH First People's Radio, twice a week.

We have given them an alternative place to be heard on the airwaves. We have given them a face on Mother Earth that Corporate media does not.

I rarely see or hear of Corporate main stream media doing justice to Indigenous People, minority and grass roots people!

It's why I was driven to produce Native American multi media and stand side by side by all my committed brothers & sisters that are here today.

I often see Corporate media fostering untruths that are still told to this day about our people.

Outrageous stereotypical images that embarrass and often hurt us, keeping the old wounds open through ignorance & misconceptions, instead of encouraging healing & bridge building.

Native American, community & public radio stations that carry Indigenous programming offer counterpoints and re-educate those who have been brought up to believe & accept the Native American stereotypes .

We also reach out to those who lack compassion for what has happened to us for hundreds of years.

We do it on a shoe string budget for the most part, we are all pitching in, doing our part. It is a calling and a passion. Many of us are volunteers, using our own resources and means. Without big backing from Corporate Media, who are competing for the precious outlets that we currently do have for our communities and reservations.

It has been a gift and a privilege to share these thoughts with you today & I will tell you the "Indigenous Multi Media Movement" is growing strong and we our stretching our wings in this industry.

Through combined efforts, we are re-instilling Native pride and much needed healing not just for our people, but for those all across the Nation and World .

We need an indefinite place to to tell our own stories, speak our own minds, sing our own songs, report our own news by telling the world who we are and where we come from and make sure that history does not repeat itself again.

We are responsible to tell the truth. The children are listening.

FCC please dismiss this idea of Media Consolidation.


I testified at last night's Federal Communications Commission hearing and we left at 11 pm (with Jerome, who was soooooooooooo AMAZING!!!!!!!!Fine example of hope for our future!!!!!!!!!).

I have to tell you that I was so empowered listening to everyone. I was nervous as hell too. Its one thing to be on a mic in a radio station, with the sanctuary of four walls & 100's of miles of being between you and the FCC physically. I follow their regulations and abide by them. But there is this sense of fear that someone might call in, curse, say something offense and they'll hear & we'll get fined if we don't hit the "bleep" button in time . We're not talking about a slap on the wrist, fine... the station could get its licensed pulled and the host can even be put in jail if it is bad enough!

But last night, I was not afraid to say it like it is and though I took the "putting you on Notice from Indian Country" there is alot more I wanted to say, during and after, but we each didn't get much time. Read on please!

....there were 281 people signed up to testify...to have their two minutes with the FCC .....I was number 26, Jerome was number 28...we left at 11pm and it was hard to tear ourselves away...speaker number 114 was on the floor, having their say...99% of the testimony was STRONGLY opposed to MEDIA CONSOLIDATION...it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jerome made me so proud....he lead the way for youth his age, along with a couple of 12 year old girls who were inspired by their own Dad who testified after them. I had this huge lump in my throat and the tears welling up and the cheers in the room! I looked around and said, THIS IS AMERICA...note though: where are our minorities????????? We were out numbered as "people of color", but unified regardless! We had five days notice. Considering the rudeness of that, there was strong representation in Seattle last night.

Even Governor Christine Gregoire showed up and lit up the room! Good for her. She said the room would have been overflowing it there was more notice...NO KIDDING! Even with the 100's who were there, the room was full and energized, people were waiting to get in.

She's got my vote for her appearance and for her stance on many issues that are so crucial, like our right to not have Corporate Media "shoved down our throats" as one speaker said.

Will they listen? How could they not!

I almost starting crying while I was testifying, because it hit me so hard right then and there, when I was on that FCC mic, how on the edge America is to losing their freedom of speech and what an impact and set back it would be if Media Consolidation were allowed....and how much POWER they (the FCC have). THE FCC NEEDS TO DO THE RIGHT THING! And not contribute to the mindless, sick, corrupt babble that is constantly being pitched to us via Corporate Media entertainment and information: "You can have this, you can't have this" what a mind "F"(bleep!) all that is, huh? Pollution of the brain! It divides are Nation and world! Just park the kids in front of the TV, hope for the best and try to make ends meet, that was me as a single mom, until I turned the TV off one day! And started doing radio! And I often took my sons with me. They know about Alcatraz, they know about Cal Pines Corporation trying to conduct geothermal drilling in Sacred Sites at Medicine Lake, Leonard Peltier's serving two life sentences, NW Tribal Canoe Journeys, and what a Powwow is, and so much more!

Tyler had his first cameo interview this summer with a hip hop artist named "Big City" who he was really impressed with and took interest in. We were at Tulalip Tribes Reservation, covering the Mack and Zoe Strong Teamworks camp for a couple hundred Native youth. "Big City" is an inspirational Cristian Hip Hop artist. Seeing the instant connection they made, I backed off and geared Ty up with my headphones,mic and mini disc player and let him roll. His enthusiasm and willingness to do a radio piece on the spot like that, demonstrates that the Youth have a voice and want to use it and want other youth to hear. Its as simple as that. They are listening. They have a voice. I saw this in Jerome too and invited him to co-host with me one day after I saw him perform his rap song in La Conner when he was 19 years old.... and he never left, until the night he got his own show(The Massive Mix Session with DJ Defkawn).

I saw it with the Tulalip Youth Radio Club I helped create and establish last year. I ran into a couple of them when I stopped by Tulalip yesterday with Dennis Lane (another person I want to acknowledge and thank for all the media advocacy and work he does in Whatcom County). I told them where I was heading, they were intrigued. I will have to get a copy of some of the testimony and visit with them again, especially the numerous voices of the youth that spoke up last night! We have to pull them out of the Corporate Media muck and mire. They know what they want, we just have to give them a way to express themselves.Last night, they were pulling us out! They were heard loud and clear!

Last night, we all stood there together, as the face and voices of America and told Corporate Media to crawl back under the rock it crawled out of and reminded the FCC that there are real breathing and feeling humans on the other side of the TV screens, the radio, the newspapers, magazines and the Internet... which they were informed not everyone has access too! GO JEROME!

More kudos too!

Please read about Reclaim The Media, they were EXTREMELY organized and VERY instrumental in giving us a platform last night (and they feed us and had water for everyone too!)
...they should get a Noble Peace Prize minimum!

And as far as my my Native radio brother and friend General Manager Joe Orozco who flew in from KIDE radio station from Northern California-Hoopa Rez....he did FANTASTIC! A comment an observation was shared with me about Joe, after he testified on the panel before us all...."It seems like he was speaking for a lot of people".

He was. Countless Native Americans and 32 Native Stations, as a matter of fact. And he traveled a long way for those five crucial minutes. THAT is dedication. THAT is what THIS is all about, power to the people!

It was really good to see him!!!!!!!!!! He and his station should be nominated too, for some kind of recognition...for his lifetime of work alone; for his foresight and model of taking care of Mother Earth hooking up and running KIDE on Solar Power; for he, is wife Rhoby and their community giving National attention to the horrific an inexcusable Salmon Die Off!!!!!!!!!! THEY are THE sun-run radio station in California....WOW! He and I got our say on SCAN TV too! The FCC will hear the longer version of my truncated two minutes.

Have a GREAT weekend...we have an absolutely perfect weather day here today, clear, sunny....a surprise after a huge wind storm came through last night... metaphoric even....Cleansing for Mother Earth!
Its like She is saying, "Keep the media free and accessible for the people"

Today is a brand new day, do something with it, for tomorrow! Raise your voice, write letters to the FCC and your legislators, last night gave me GREAT hope!

Corporate Media, Seattle and beyond has told you to "Step Off" (again)....

da ha dwubs, (thanks Jonathan, Susan, Nate, Daniel & so many who organized us & thanks who all who showed up to testify & for those who gave us moral support far & wide!)

Here is some info that may help you take steps to get involve & acknowledge some folks you should know about:


Group InfoName:
Reclaim the Media
Organizations - Non-Profit Organizations
Based in Seattle, Reclaim the Media is a small nonprofit organization dedicated to pursuing a more just society by transforming our media system and expanding the communications rights of ordinary people through grassroots organizing, education, networking and advocacy. We envision an authentic, just democracy characterized by media systems that inform and empower citizens, reflect our diverse cultures, and secure communications rights for everyone. We advocate for a free and diverse press, community access to communications tools and technology, and media policy that serves the public interest. Three broad themes guide our projects:

• We work to change media policy at the local and federal level, so that the structure of our media favors the public interest, rather than a powerful elite.
• We teach media literacy education because we all need to understand how news can be shaped by journalistic habits and by powerful commercial and political interests.
• We support community media because we cannot entrust our history, our cultures and our democracy to the consolidated media empires alone.
Contact InfoEmail:
Seattle, WA

KIDE Radio:


KIDE- 91.3 Tribally Owned and Operated Community Radio
KIDE 91.3 FM

Click Here for the Programming Grid

KIDE is located behind Ray's Food Place in the Hoopa Valley Shopping Center off highway 96 in downtown Hoopa. Regular business hours are Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.

PO Box 1220
Hoopa CA 95546
(530) 625.4245

The mission of KIDE-FM is to promote and project the Hoopa Tribal culture. Our overall mission is to educate, to inform and to entertain our listening audience by providing public relation audio services for the
community, and by broadcasting local, regional and national programs and by sharing a diverse music format.

Joseph R. Orozco, Station Manager
Floriene McCovey, Traffic Control/producer announcer
Jay Renzulli, Music Director/announcer
Marian Mattz , Front Office/Traffic Assistant

Dave Hamlin, Announcer/DJ
Annilea Norris, Announcer/DJ

Local Programs For "Q"
Manuel Warrior Sanchez
Dr. Richard Ricklefs
Rudy Breuning

"River Revolution Network"
Annilea Norris

"Speaking Out"
Kristi Shelloner

"Ed Info"
Michael Heminger

National Federation of Community Broadcasters, member station
American Indian Radio On Satellite, member station
Corporation for Public Broadcasting, member station
Pacific Radio Foundation Network, member station
Seven Rivers Radio Network, co-founding member
KQED-FM, Health Dialogue Series, participating station
Public Radio Satellite System, member station
Benton Foundation, Sound Partners recipient

"Native America Calling"
"The River Revolution Network"
"Ed Info"
"Speaking Out"
"National Native News"
"The California Report"
, "Democracy Now!",
"The Hightower Report",
"Hoopa High Warrior Basketball, live",
"NPR Radio News",
"Pacific Time",
"Alternative Radio",
"The Book Guys",
"This American Life",
"PRI The World",
"NDN Country",
"The Indian Radio Club",

Public affairs programming, including tribal elections, Humboldt County elections; live remote coverage of local events.

Jerome Edge(my nephew!!!!!!!) http://www.myspace.com/dangerous_def
www.ksvr.org Thursday nights 8:30-10PM PST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA AT YOUR BOY! ;) call in sometime : (360) 416-7000
Governor Chris Gregoire:(Press release & testimony)


Office of Governor Chris Gregoire
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - November 9, 2007
Contact: Governor's Office, 360-902-4136
Governor Gregoire Opposed to Concentration of Media Ownership

OLYMPIA – Governor Chris Gregoire today expressed her concern over concentration of media ownership through consolidation of the media. The remarks were made during testimony delivered today at a hearing held by the Federal Communications Commission in Seattle.

"I find it ironic that in an age with so many new ways for people to communicate – and so many ways to exercise the beauty of Democracy – we face the very real threat that these new ways will be controlled by a few," said Governor Gregoire. "Such concentration stifles creativity and content. It narrows perspectives available to each of us as citizens, and it is unhealthy in a society that rests on principles of equality and diversity."

As Attorney General, Governor Gregoire in 2002 sent a letter to the FCC expressing her alarm over the efforts of the FCC to accelerate the already rapid trend toward consolidation in the media.

P.O. Box 40002 · Olympia, Washington 98504-0002 · (360) 753-6780 · www.governor.wa.gov
I'm Chris Gregoire, Governor of the State of Washington. Thank you for coming to my state on this important topic.
Today, I urge you to take a broad public-interest view of the issues you are considering. These regulatory decisions are not solely matters of business interest.
I fervently believe the airwaves are public property. Owners who use them have a strong obligation to the rest of us to maintain that use in the public interest.
You last looked at this issue in 2002, and I wrote you, as Attorney General, with my deep concerns about the FCC's efforts to accelerate the already rapid trend toward consolidation in the media.
Those concerns are no less on my mind today.
As Governor, I continue to be opposed to further concentration of media ownership through consolidation of the media.
Such concentration stifles creativity and content.
It narrows perspectives available to each of us as citizens, and it is unhealthy in a society that rests on principles of equality and diversity.
I find it ironic that in an age with so many new ways for people to communicate – and so many ways to exercise the beauty of Democracy – we face the very real threat that these new ways will be controlled by a few.
Since 1995, there are 40 percent fewer TV-station owners due to consolidation.
Three media companies own all of our cable news networks, and two companies serve 40 percent of households getting cable TV.
Just one company now owns nearly 1,200 radio stations across the country. Before 1996, no company could own more than 40 stations nationwide.
And I'm not just talking about newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations.
Ownership of what we can hear, view and say is concentrating in key chokepoints such as Internet content and phone transmissions.

A handful of companies now dominate the top Internet news sites.
We need competition, not concentration.
We need diversity, vitality, and local perspectives. Democracy depends on a thriving market place of ideas.
It depends on a healthy menu of political discourse, culture, and arts.
Do we really want to concentrate control of this market place into the hands of a few?
I can tell you, I don't, and I don't believe Washingtonians do either.
What happens if a single owner doesn't like what is being said on TV or through the newspaper or Internet?
Will this owner engage in censorship?
That's the problem. The possibility of censorship makes people lose confidence that their voices will be heard.
We already have a problem with distrust in far too many of our major institutions in this country – we don't need media added to the list simply through consolidation.
If our means of communication is controlled by a few, what's to stop them from blocking our artists, musicians, grass-roots political organizations, and others from the doorways needed to reach their audiences?
How will the next great author get published?
How will the next great band be able to leave a garage in West Seattle for a worldwide audience?
How will photos, or video, documenting injustice be seen widely enough to spark a response?
This is a problem, both real and perceived.
Concentration of media ownership – in all its evolving forms – is a real problem.
It's a problem for me, and for Washingtonians, who live and work in creative, expressive and innovative communities from Spokane to Seattle, and Vancouver to Bellingham.
I ask you to ensure that our citizens have access to multiple sources of information and perspectives.
Thank you.
FCC: http://www.fcc.gov/

About the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC's jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.


The FCC is directed by five Commissioners appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for 5-year terms, except when filling an unexpired term. The President designates one of the Commissioners to serve as Chairperson. Only three Commissioners may be members of the same political party. None of them can have a financial interest in any Commission-related business.

As the chief executive officer of the Commission, the Chairman delegates management and administrative responsibility to the Managing Director. The Commissioners supervise all FCC activities, delegating responsibilities to staff units and Bureaus.

Bureaus and Offices

The Commission staff is organized by function. There are seven operating Bureaus and ten Staff Offices. The Bureaus' responsibilities include: processing applications for licenses and other filings; analyzing complaints; conducting investigations; developing and implementing regulatory programs; and taking part in hearings. Our Offices provide support services. Even though the Bureaus and Offices have their individual functions, they regularly join forces and share expertise in addressing Commission issues.

Statements by FCC Commissioners who came to Seattle, WA on 11-9-07:





B.I.G. C.I.T.Y. Music: http://www.myspace.com/grandeproductions
Band Website: bigcityhiphop.com

Sunday, October 7, 2007

NINTH ANNUAL AWARD WINNERS+ Opportunity at Alcatraz!

Red Road Community Calendar:

Reports from NAMAPAHH on the Road, breaking news & announcements:

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Arvel Bird "Animal Totems 2"

Corn-Bred "Corn-Bred"

"Heart of the Navajo Land" Various

Shelley Morningsong "Out Of The Ashes"

Women of Wabano "Voices"

Susan Aglukark "Blood Red Earth"

"A Tribute To Johnny Cash" Floyd Red Crow Westerman

"Welcome To Your Rainy Day" Tonemah

Robert Tree Cody "Heart of the Wind"

"Comfort & Joy" Cherokee National Youth Choir

Brule' & AIRO "Silent Star Night"

"Remember Me Grandfather: Lakota Pipe & Ceremonial Songs" Wahancanka

"Alluvia" Evren Ozan

Robert Mirabal "Pueblo Christmas"

"Voice of a Dakota" Gerald Primeaux, Sr

"Kinship" Brule'

"American Indian Story" Jana

"Crazy Woman Mountain" Gary Small & The Coyote Bros

"Long Winter Nights" Northern Cree & Friends

Tom Bee "Voice of the Drum"

"The Total Package" Night Shield

"Good Ol' Fashioned NDN Lovin'" Pipestone

'Have Hope' Jennifer Kreisberg

"Anishinabemoin" Keith Secola & Karen Drift

"Dancers of Mother Earth" Todi Neesh Zhee Singers

Arigon Starr "The Red Road"

Inchelium - Jim Boyd

"The Trail of Tears Cherokee Legacy" Rich Heape Films

"Cultural Legacy: Traditional Music from Equador & Bolivia"

Peter Buffett "Spirit – The Seventh Fire"

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By the way here another is a quick Red Road Community Calendar Announcement just in!


Alcatraz Island will be hosting the second Native American Heritage month celebration.

We are planning cultural events for the first weekend of November, which is the 3rd and 4th.

We just received some funding and looking for a few Story Tellers and musicians.

We can pay a $100 honorarium for about 1 hour of your time and a free ferry ride.

There are only a few slots left, and we need to have people confirmed by Oct. 20th.

Any Story Tellers or Musicians please call Ranger Jose Rivera Alcatraz Island American Indian Liaison at (925) 765-2841

(and if you call Jose, tell him Robin says hello, we used to work for California State Parks together!)

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: THIS Sunday 10-7-07: 4-5pm PST : Please Tune in!

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KSVR 91.7 FM Mt Vernon, WA
THIS Sunday 10-7-07
4-5:00 pm PST
Studio Line: (360) 416-7000
Special Phone guest: Corbin Collins (return guest!)
Topic: Native Americans & Social Justice Allies to Rally at UC Berkeley to Protect Native Ancestral Remains & Sacred Objects
Reports on Sproul Plaza-UCB Rally:
When did it take place? October 5th, 2007: High Noon
Also on Thursdays 7-8:30 pm(Topics & music TBA)

News, Views & Music from in & around Indian Country...

Featured music tracks from: Peter Buffet's 500 Nations; Annie Humphrey's The Heron Smiled; Shelley Morningsong's Out of The Ashes...and many more native voices.

"500 Years of Genocide, who's left to hear?" Annie Humphrey...The Heron Smiled

This is an open invitation for anyone who is out there on Mother Earth to tune in to a special follow up interview with Corbin Collins, who is a Bay Area writer and communications director for the Native American NAGPRA Coalition, Corbin was on my show on 9-27-07 introducing us to the issues and actions that many Native Americans & Social Justice Allies spearheaded to protest the UC Berkeley Phoebe Hearst "restructured" their NAGPRA department review committee. Recently, this crucial department was been disbanded and is now void of the direct Native American advisory personnel, according to Corbin and his Native American NAGPRA Collation. His own wife , was one of three Native American staff that worked in this capacity and they have now been relocated to a different parts of the infrastructure, however one staff person has resigned. The Native American NAGPRA Collation feels this move by the UCB, Phoebe Hearst Museum jeopardizes the existing NAGPRA laws & policies and threatens the process all other Museums are obligated, honoring and using to fulfill repatriation claims. Corbin and the Native American NAGPRA Collation also feels it threatens existing protection for Native Ancestral Remains & Sacred Objects, making it hard for Native American tribes to actually repatriate human remains belonging to their tribes, as well as funerary objects.

As a side note: I did invite the UCB Phoebe Hearst media department to speak on NAMAPAHH at any point, but was told by a woman name Shirley that "no one is available to speak on this issue". Apparently this refusal to speak to at least Native American Press was not their preference and so we will continue to depend and give airtime to those willing to speak up about this serious issue. According to two other guests I will also have on, who took part in the protest & rally last Friday, over 1000 people came "to be heard" by the Chancellor and his staff. I appreciate Corbin's initial & continued willingness to talk to my listeners and fill us in on he and his Native American NAGPRA Collation concerns.

My two new guests, who will also be phoning in on NAMAPAHH, will be Native American eyewitness' and grass roots news reporters Mike Ali and his with Linda:

Mike Raccoon Eyes, is a Cherokee Native activist for Human and Civil Rights in Indian Country. He is a front line advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Indian Country Violence Prevention Movement. His role (one of many) is to work with our " high-risk, marginal Native youth and young adults" to stop the violence, gangs and killing. He is bringing attention to the heart breaking and serious problem of the killing and violence in his urban area streets and neighborhoods. He is also teaches and lecturers through a inspirational and motivational series called:"'TEACHING THE VALUES OF PEACE" . He is the author of a paranormal Native novel-'The Road to the Ohlone Moon, A Story of Old and New California', as well as a Native Cultural Resource advisor to non Native agencies and corporations.

His wife is Linda, also known as Orannhawk.She is a writer for Indian country and Editorial Chief of staff for "Cherokee Native Pride News", an online news gathering agency. She and Mike were part of the UCB-Phoebe Hearst Museum Protest that happened this last Friday, that Corbin will be talking about. For Linda and Mike, all the needed was an invitation like Corbin's. She is also an advocate not only in California but also in the Southwest and Texas for Human and Civil Rights in Indian Country. She also is a strong advocate for Leonard Peltier.

Her other reputation is as a multi-medium Cherokee Native artist, currently working as Co- Director on the new Native Room exhibit with 'Touchable Stories' in San Francisco Bay Area entitled 'We Are Still Here'
Her portion of the exhibit will be a cultural and historical look at Native Peoples of the West. Featured will be hard hitting subjects from interviews of local Native People, artistically created and presented to compliment the audio dialog of the interviews and bring attention to the realities of Native life, past and present.

Linda also known as Orannhawk took helped write the blog about the protest and took some wonderful pictures, here is that report & a link:

BAY AREA Native reporters!
October 5, 2007 - Friday - 3:44 PM
by Raccoon Eyes and Orannhawk

BERKELEY-(Cherokee Native Pride News, San Francisco Bureau)

Over one thousand people showed up at the at the historic Sproul Plaza at the University of California-Berkeley today to demand the return of 13,000 Ancestors skeletal remains and funerary objects along with that U.C. Berkeley reinstate compliance with Native American Grave Protection and Reparation Act (NAGPRA)

Scores of California Native American activists demanding the return of Ancestors before over one thousand people that came to support the demonstration. Many spiritual leaders and tribal councils from North and Northwest Native California offered prayers, songs , drumming and inspirational speaking to address that UC-Berkeley return the Ancestors to their Native homelands.

Mewuk Elder Norman Wounded Knee De Ocampo of Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council, stated that Ancestors must come home and that UC-Berkeley must act in a responsible and timely fashion to ensure they did their part in returning the 13,000 Ancestors to the homelands. He stated that the 'Longest Walk 2' would draw national attention to the plight of our Ancestors still held by colleges and universities.

Chairperson Silvia Burley of the California Valley Miwok Tribe, gave a spiritual poetry read regarding the Ancestors being returned home. While reading her beautiful poem, it quite obvious there were people who were shedding tears at the power of her oratory in the huge crowd.

According to Cherokee Native Pride Editorial Chief of Staff Orannhawk

" Purpose, focus, determination. This is the glue that binds us as a people, that held us today in demanding that our voice be heard, with respect to the Ancestors and the tribal objects be returned in the proper way to their respective tribal families.

I watched the people who gathered there as I held the banner for United Native Americans; the college students, the elders, the young families with children at their sides .... all there with the one common goal, the repatriation of the Ancestors. The scent of sage drifted across the plaza, the drums were singing and low and behold, there were university 'suits' walking into the midst. For a few brief moments I toyed with the thought that perhaps there might actually be someone coming there in response to our pleas. Alas not, only the vacant looks on vacant faces in shiny suits.

However, the eloquent speeches held strong, 'RETURN THE ANCESTORS'. More than one voice directed the statement to the university that echoed my own thoughts ... we would not do this to your ancestors !

The multitude of police officers present along the pathway to the administration offices where we walked in protest also spoke volumes. This university administration was expecting something other than a respectful gathering of the Real People of Turtle Island. What they received from the REAL PEOPLE was a honest, respectful appeal for the proper return of the Ancestors. It is past time for ceremony and these souls to be laid to rest within the embrace of Turtle Island.

It is past time for this university and ALL the others like it, to be accountable for their actions as grave robbers.

U.C. Berkeley ... IT'S TIME TO BE ACCOUNTABLE, RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL AND HUMAN. IT'S TIME FOR THE U.C. B. Chancellor to ACTUALLY speak to us, to make the proper arrangements for the return of the Ancestors. Where was he ? Most likely sitting in his office, sipping on some Starbucks, perhaps a sly and fearful glance out the window at all of the Indigenous people gathered outside his offices before scurrying out of sight .... cos' he certainly did not come out and address the gathering or make any effort to comply with NAGPRA.

What is it going to take ?

It will take us ALL, continuing to demand the return of the Ancestors, properly and respectfully. IT IS TIME. TIME FOR THE ANCESTORS TO REST.

On this eve of the day of the lost Spaniard, we stood together ... and we will continue to do so. WE ARE STILL HERE ! "


The rally then proceeded with intensive drumming as the huge crowd of demonstrators marched to the very heart of the campus to the Office of the Chancellor. Organizers attempted to send a delegation of five Native activists to have a meeting to with the Chancellor to have the NAGPRA reinstated at UC Berkeley and the immediate return of the Ancestors from there, among other demands.

One organizer was able to get response from the Chancellor's office to have his representatives come to the crowed entry way filled with Native Activists, to hear the demands with regards to NAGPRA and the Ancestors being returned to their homelands.

There was a fifteen minute exchange between the Native organizers and the Chancellor's representatives. The UC representatives listened intently as the organizers made their demands quite clear. Spectators started chanting and demanded that Ancestors come home. With the demands having been heard ;the UC reps quietly exited back into the safety of the Office of the Chancellor.

Currently as of this writing, there are over 700,000 Ancestors in private collections and another 500,000 in universities, colleges, galleries and museums throughout the United States. The University of California system has 146 sites where they have the Ancestors in captivity.

United Native Americans Vice-President Quanah Parker Brightman noted, " It was good to see our fellow Brothers and Sisters in solid support of of both a common cause and goal. The political pressure is on and the victory will be when our Ancestors are returned home soon!"

From the frontlines of more Human and Civil Rights for Indian Country,

Wado and A-ho!

Raccoon Eyes and Orannhawk-CNP



"We ARE still here"

~please join us~

Robin Carneen

Red Road Community Calendar:

Reports from NAMAPAHH on the Road, breaking news & announcements:

Shelly Vendiola (msvendiola@yahoo.com)
Sent: Thu 10/04/07 7:40 AM
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Reminder! Please spread the word. Hy'shqe, Shl

Hello all, I wanted to forward this announcement about WomenSpirit Coalitions's DV conference "The Journey from Invisibility to Visibility" October 18-19 in case you haven't seen it already.

The conference agenda and registration form can be accessed from their website (on the right side): www.womenspiritcoalition.org

best regards,

Katrin Wilde
Outreach Coordinator
Women's Human Rights Action Team
Amnesty International Seattle Local Group 4


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On 10/4/07, Travis Pinto wrote:

Please Forward to Tribal Chair and Historical Preservation Officer

Dear Tribes:

You may have received a letter from the Chancellor of UC Berkeley justifying the elimination of the autonomous NAGPRA unit at the Phoebe Hearst Museum. If you are attending the THPO meeting in Palm Springs, we hope you will come to the 9:30 morning session on Monday morning where members from the Native American NAGPRA Coalition (NANC) will discuss UCB’s position in detail. Although NANC will address most of your questions there, one claim in the Chancellor’s letter is particularly troubling and needs to be corrected.

The Chancellor states that the NAPGRA unit only hosted four tribal visits in the year prior to its elimination. This is simply untrue and the misinformation unfairly reflects on how hard the unit worked and what it accomplished. The NAGPRA unit hosted more than 16 tribal visits last year, which required considerable preparation and follow-up. They were also in consultation for over twenty sites in the “culturally unidentifiable” inventories. The services that tribes requested with respect to these inventories were often research-oriented rather than visit-oriented. Consultation took place not only during the visits but on a continuous basis over the phone and via email. NAGPRA duties included responding to numerous and ongoing requests from tribes to examine documents, search collections for specific items, search records at the Bancroft Library, etc. The staff received many similar requests from Federal agencies with collections at the Museum, e.g. the Army Corps of Engineers, Forest Service, etc. Besides these duties, the unit played a significant role in non-NAGPRA-related outreach activities and worked hard to serve both tribal and museum interests and to build collaborations between the two. Although the NAGPRA program was underfunded, the staff compensated by devoting many hours of unpaid overtime to assist tribes with their NAGPRA claims.

Hope to see you at our October 5th peaceful demonstration at Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley.

Corbin Collins


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