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NAMAPAHH First People's Radio : 6-29-08: 4-5:00PM:PST: The Hub Cub Radio Club:Alamo Navajo's own KABR 1500AM- brings you the "Kelly Mine Adventure"

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio : 6-29-08: 4-5:00PM:PST: The Hub Cub Radio Club from Alamo Navajo's own KABR 1500AM- brings you the "Kelly Mine Adventure-Magdalena, New Mexico"
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ah see um & yah tee hey everybody!

First of all before I share with you my trip to the Alamo Navajo Reservation in Alamo, New Mexico, I just want to say we are sending out some BIG prayers for all those being impacted by the fires in California- we`hope that there is no more lightening strikes and gentle rain comes to your aide...we have a little rain here in the forecast this we will send some your way! If any tribes,individuals or others need help-including respite from the smoke- or can offer any kind of help, even to the brave men & women fighting the fires, let me know! Please! This is happening every year & last year we offered airtime, we will always offer airtime to get the word out. Please feel free to contact us at KSVR- NAMAPAHH First People's Radio. (360)848-9931 is my voicemail & (503) 544-9794 is my cell ph #(after 9pm & weekends free).

...And I am back from teaching my radio journalism youth workshopPhotobucket
.....touching down yesterday & landing in the 80 degree weather here in the NW-I swear it feels hotter here! AM I complaining- err no- but WOW! SO HOT! Is this the rainy NW? It was gorgeous seeing the Volcanoes & the Cascade Mountain Range. I would love to get some folks together to host a Native Radio Camp in the NW- up in Skagit County...I know the youth & staff I met & worked with would jump on a chance to come here for at least a week! So any of my NW Community Radio Folks, KSVR, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community, Tulalip Boys & Girls Club support family think we can offer this at some point, let me know!

I really loved teaching this past week in Alamo Navajo Reservation in New MexicoPhotobucket was a wonderful community & KABR 1500 AM rocks the high desert, for sure !...And I learned a little more Dine, but need to learn alot more(along with my own Lushootseed language!).

To create & produce our first segment, we visited a very interesting historical place called Kelly Mine in Magdalena, NM.Photobucket

(So...If you are having to stay inside today due to the heat or the air pollution caused by the fire, maybe you can tune in online at I will be sharing a 30 min segment of a new Navajo youth produced show (Hub Club Radio Club) that will be broadcasting each week.... with the help of a new instructor,each week( teaching their own tips, etc) to help the "HCRC" create a new segment, for the next 5 weeks. I got the honor of kicking off the first week+I brought them some cloud cover too! :) The hospitality was wonderful, including am impromptu tour of the Rez by Sarah & Rosie the first day of class....AND Sarah gets a BIG "da ha dwubs" for all the hard work she did... making all the arrangements and doing so much behind the scenes work! Yeah Sarah!

KABR 1500 AM is not streaming or podcasting(yet- ayyy!?) so you will have to catch at least the first show/segment on NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: Kelly Mine Adventure.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

4-5pm PST

Like my own TYMMC, I am very proud of the Hub Cub Radio Club journalists & look forward to hearing their new segments, as they come out to the airwaves & I promise to feature many they send my way.Most of their programming when it is spoken word & local is almost 100% in Navajo/Dine...but they do play contemporary,english language music, etc. They also do PSA's in both Navajo/Dine and English, so that their Elders are always able to have a lifeline to news and information. Its so GREAT! :)Enit?'s NAMAPAHH is dedicated to the miners of Kelly Mine, the surviving relatives of Tony Otero (Mary Rose Wilburn & Bennie Zamora) ....who we interviewed for the "Kelly Mine Adventure" segment, Photobucketand to the Hub Cub journalists-TJ, Courtney,Ivan & Judith & of course all the wonderful staff at KABR 1500am-Sarah, Beatrice,DJ Jade, Ruby...and to our Alamo Navajo School teacher, RosiePhotobucket ...whom without her, we would never have really known or connected to Kelly Mine...and oh yeah- Martin our bus driver Photobucket ...who you will hear on today's show telling stories on himself in his Dine language. He was very sweet & funny! We got him to drive backwards a mile in the school busPhotobucket we could go back & pay our respects at Tony's grave Photobucket.....I also have to add a kudo to Justin at the Route 66 Hostel in ABQ who tipped me off & printed out info about Kelly Mine & a couple other mines listed on:

You will also hear music by Swil Kanim featured on today's show as well- this is where a wonderful relationship was deepened through Swil's music, where the SW met the NW and a wonderful memories were made for all eternity! Swil is my Lummi brother & a "Viol-indian" as he likes to refer to his amazingly talented & funny self! We really hope you can tune in.

Alrighty- please stay cool where you all are & Keep that Native Radio Going On!

PS: If I have time & get to the KSVR studio early today(have to unpack my suitcases still, etc) I will also share an interview w/ Burt Poley of Native Voice , who visited us on my last day in Alamo. It was SO good to see one of my radio bros! He arranged for a "shout out" to KABR radio on Friday's Native American Calling, which we all were thrilled to hear & the topic was Native American language. He was really touched & excited to hear almost 100% Navajo(Dine) being spoken while he was with us for a little while.NAC is one of the programs KABR carries, so that was pretty cool, tying all that together Friday. Showing solidarity in Native Radio! We have a voice, we have a choice & I am so glad & honored to be one of many to come that are encouraging our youth to take their stories back, research them, re-tell them & go out and get a connection to their own communities & even go beyond the borders of their reservations &/or urban indian county lines.

I also interviewed my 11 year old niece Gina and her surrogate brother Nick, where they live in Albuquerque. It was very emotional meeting each other, but we had such a special time, as I was able to see hear a couple of times & even stay with her & her surrogate family the night before I flew back to Washington State. I may share a little of that intimate but important interview if I can get into the studio today to produce that + Burt's presentation, for you all.

I am not ashamed to say that many families are torn apart by alcohol, drugs, and many countless things that throws us off balance & spins us away from each other for lost moments, hours, weeks, months, days & in some cases years. Don't let a lifetime pass to find your loved ones and/or open your heart up to them & help find a way for everyone to feel safe & heal. I strongly feel like media in the hands of our young ones in a powerful catalyst towards that end- that is really a beginning!

Special thanks to Connie & Jerome for making sure NAMAPAHH got on the air Thursday night...I will send out a special announcement about a call for action for Leonard Peltier that involves his need for diabetes medication that is reputably being denied to him by the Prison he is serving time in. And I am catching up on other news that has been breaking in & around Indian country as well that we will address on NAMAPAHH, as well as sharing new music that I have received, with possible interviews with the up & coming musicians that grace our airwaves & need to be discovered & enjoyed by others.

So wherever you all are today- on this blessed it day, may this find you safe from harm & looking to a positive future & outlook! Remember, for those of you who believe in a higher power...if God/Creator brings you to it, God/Creator will bring you through it!

"Bringing you light in the darkness"...

Robin, Connie and`family(even the 4 legg-eds- who were joyous to see me home too!)~

( Missing my new Alamo radio family already but we will stay in touch...I REALLY want Bea's frybread recipe!)


KABR 1500 AM - Signal strength: 1,000 watts

“You’re listening to KABR on the Southwestern Part of the Navajo Reservation”

Licensee: Alamo Navajo School Board, Inc.

Sara Apache, Station Manager
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Alfred Gandonegro, Jr., Announcer/Producer
P.O. Box 907
Magdalena, NM 87825

Physical Address:
(KABR is located on the Alamo School Campus)
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Magdalena, NM. 87825

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Mission Statement:
It is the mission of KABR Community radio to provide news, information, educational programming and entertainment to the Alamo Navajo Community and surrounding communities of Magdalena, Datil, To’ hajiilee, Laguna-Acoma and nearby ranching families and tourist traveling on I-40.
GOAL: It is the goal of KABR community radio to empower and enrich the lives of its listeners with information and educational programming that will increase their ability to make personal and community decisions, to participate more fully in local and global government, to participate more fully in the process of lifelong learning, and to preserve their cultural identity.


Empowering listeners with informational and educational programming means providing programming that is accessible and understandable. As 85% of KABR’s listening audience is bilingual Navajo/English with Navajo being the first language and majority of these listeners are monolingual Navajo, it is the philosophy of KABR to provide bilingual Navajo/English programming wherever possible. As there is little or no programming available in Navajo, a majority of KABR’s programming is bilingual Navajo/English with many English programs or services being translated by KABR staff. KABR staff produces all the local programming including Community News, Jobline, Health/Safety Prevention, Parent Program, Navajo Language, Elderly program and Special Reports. It has been KABR’s experience that bilingual format in Navajo and English not only helps to increase English language skills, but improves vocabulary and languages skills in Navajo as well.

KABR Signed on the air: February 14th, 1984

Volunteer DJs

We really appreciate these following students who have been volunteering and keeping our listener’s entertained with their variety music.
'DJ Bubbles' AKA Lily Apachito
'DJ Jane' AKA Judith Secatero
'DJ TJ' AKA Timothy Apache, Jr.
'DJ Way' AKA Weylin Apachito

Other related links:

Tony's Rock Shop
911 Kelly Road
P.O.Box 123
Magdalena, NM 87825
Bennie Zamora

Native Voice One (NV1) educates, advocates, and celebrates Native American life and culture by providing a program service from a Native point of view. This service is for everyone interested in Native American news, culture, music, events, and life.

NV1 enables Native people, especially those who do not have access to the many reservation and village-based Native owned and operated stations, to stay connected. Many Native stations and independent radio producers contribute Native-oriented programs to NV1 for inclusion in the NV1 program service.

Native America Calling

Harlan McKosato (Sac & Fox) hosts Native America Calling. This one hour live call-in program, linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together into a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities.

NV1 broadcasts the Native voice through affiliate Native and other radio stations and via internet radio on


(505) 247-1813

* they have wireless too & I woul recommend making reservations ahead of time & booking the $30 room...

Music featured on Kelly Mine Adventure:

Swil Kanim

"Swil Kanim is a world class virtuoso violinist who advocates
self-expression to create stronger community.
He intertwines his music with storytelling, poetry, and
audience interaction. His original compositions are mesmerizing
and inspiring to all ages alike, so bring the whole family when
he is performing. Swil Kanim is a popular key-note speaker and also a notable
actor; he starred as "Mouse" in Sherman Alexie’s highly acclaimed
movie The Business of FancyDancing."

To book Swil Kanim for your event, contact Contact:

Swil Kanim:
Lori Marshall, booking information :


Tune back in on Thursday...see ya down the road! NDN Radio Robin

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