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7-31-08 on NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: On Air- Mark Deschinny, Sharmagne Leland.St. John & Paul Nye

On Air- Mark Deschinny, Sharmagne Leland.St. John & Paul Nye

NAMAPAHH ~ First People's Radio
Host/Producer: Robin Carneen
Co-host: Connie Allen
KSVR 91.7;
Mt. Vernon WA
Thursday ~ July 31, 2008
7pm to 8:30pm (PST)

streaming LIVE:
Honored Guests~Mark Deschinny, Sharmagne Leland.St. John and Paul Nyenhuis

ah see um and Warm summer greetings!

Before we let you totally know what is going on for Thursday night’s show…we wanted to just say “hello” Mom & me…she has really dived into the radio world with me- now my new co-host & she is doing great! She even has her own little portable recorder & snagged my worn out digital camera & she is holding her own! It’s worth it to just hear her voice alongside me- we are representing two generations on air!

As we feel the cool air filtering in & get rain every other day as of this week, it reminds us here in the NW that Fall is just around the corner. Too soon we will be thinking about what we will do when the rainy days are back & we are all snuggled down in our respective homes. I do a lot of reading online, looking for topics and people of interest for our listeners.

We have been very busy launching the National version of NAMAPAHH- we have programs 1-9 done & posted to two places online that other radio stations can listen to them & possibly play them on their stations. More to come, more to come!

The National shows range from environmental stories, to interviews with awesome singer- songwriters, to specific focus on politically charged issues having to do with our sovereignty and threats to our Sacred Sites. There is even an update from Michael Kuzma, ESQ. about his client-political prisoner Leonard Peltier and a F.O.IA Hearing addressing a legal request for the F.B.I to release important documents in regards to Peltier’s case.

Future shows, both locally and Nationally will be jammed packed with stories about our people (past & present)- including music, language preservation and use, outreach for those amongst us that may be impoverished and for those who may feel forgotten about or need some exposure all across our Mother Earth! ‘Cause as some of you know…we are streaming at

Anyone who has topics, or would like to suggest guests for future shows on NAMAPAHH, please email us or leave a voicemail at: (360) 848-9931…I don’t check it daily, but will from time to time- email is best though!

And guess what? We got our first wonderful underwriter for KSVR! Yup- Muckleshoot Amphitheatre is running some underwriting spots about an upcoming event. You can hear more about that NAMA Hall of Fame Showcase event by tuning in on Aug 7th for 90 mins- guests TBA!

So if you want to become a member of KSVR or do some underwriting, we would love you to be part of our growing circle of family & friends! Ask us how!  Or contact Teresa Pantoja calling: (360) 416-7983

Tell her “I want to underwrite NAMAPAHH First People’s Radio and/or KSVR/or become a member of the KSVR family”

So- I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for being on my PR lists & sending me such valuable information & GREAT music! I wish we could get to it all! But if we can’t get it on the air, we are more than likely posting it around! All of you do so much- we are not idle people! And so much talent and heart out there!

There is definitely synergy to our show and many of us in Indian Country, believe there is two degrees vs. six degrees of seperation.Which leads me to letting you know who our guests will be on this Thursday night:

NAMAPAHH ~ First People's Radio
Host/Producer: Robin Carneen
Co-host: Connie Allen
KSVR 91.7
Mt. Vernon WA
Thursday ~ July 31, 2008
7pm to 8:30pm (PST)

streaming LIVE:
Mark Deschinny, Sharmagne Leland.St. John and Paul Nyenhuis

I can’t remember how I found Navajo dye expert and traditional loom builder Mark Deschinny, but we have discovered each other in the cyber world and he has perked my interest in weaving again. I have never done loom weaving, but I think with my background in bead & basket weaving & with Mom’s help- we will figure it out…for sure by this winter, if we can wait this long.

He will be our first guest on NAMAPAHH, talking about his interest in his own Dine culture & why dyeing and loom making is so important to him & how it benefits his own people and others like Mom & me that appreciate him as a traditional & cultural resource.

7-7:30PM PST:
Mark Deschinny-Dine Dye Artist

Call in Guest from Window Rock, AZ: Navajo dye expert: Mark Deschinny
(See excerpt of article below)

“ Keeping the tradition alive"

Assistant City Editor
Monday, July 14, 2008

"Navajo dye expert Mark Deschinny -- like his grandmother and mother before him -- uses local plants to make natural dyes for Navajo weaving.

Blue penstemon. Sagebrush. Holly berries. Cliff rose.

The plants are found throughout the Southwest for the task, said Mark Deschinny.

And the task is a natural one, he added. Here, one will not find acids, lye, bleach, onion skins, coffee or Kool-Aid.

Following in the tradition of four generations of his family, Deschinny is an expert at using natural materials to make dyes that color wool in traditional Navajo weaving.”

To read more about Mark check out this AZDAILYSUN link:

A little more about Mark:

“Growing up in Teelch'init'i'i, Oak Springs, AZ, on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Mark H. Deschinny is Bit'ahnii and born for 'Ashihii. His maternal grandfather is Haashk'aanhadzohi. His paternal grandfather is Bit'ahnii. His ancestorial land is located at Dziihidzoh, which is located between T'iis 'Ii'ahi, Pine Springs, and Oak Springs, AZ. His mother is Isabel Myers-Deschinny. His late father was Daniel Deschinny, Sr.. His late maternal grandmother is Mabel Burnside-Myers. He has three siblings, Daniel Jr., Ronald Sr. and Janet.

Coming from four generations of traditional Dine weavers, Mr. Deschinny is continuing and promoting the life way of Dine weaving and dyeing through his weaving business. Through innovative equipment designs, education and research, Deschinny is vying to better and diversify the Dine weaving markets and increase the amount of professional Dine weavers within his lifetime.”
His bio can be found at:

Here is our first guest’s contact info- he’s got a great website too! (It’s where I choose my loom from to buy from Mark…)

Mark H. Deschinny
PO Box 4677
Window Rock, AZ 86515
Studio: (928)871-5587
Wireless: (505)488-8944
7:30-8:15 (ish) PM PST: Guests 2 & 3:

Are you ready for some amazing & powerful & flute filled poetic moments on NAMAPAHH-live in studio? After finding out too late that our next guests were performing together down South of us- I contact this wonderful poet and asked her to be on NAMAPAHH sometime- taking time out of her busy schedule & willing to drive up to our station, we are very blessed to have Sharmagne Leland-St. John and Paul Nyenhuis on the NAMAPAHH airwaves Thursday night!

Sharmagne Leland.St. John-Poet/Artist

Sharmagne Leland-St. John will fulfill the “P”(for poetry) in NAMAPAHH :
“2007 Pushcart Prize nominee, is a Native American poet, concert performer, lyricist, artist, and film maker. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the poetry e-zine Quill and

Sharmagne spends time between her home in the Hollywood Hills, in Southern California and her fishing lodge on the Stillaguamish River in the Pacific Northwest.

She tours the United States, Canada, and England, as a performance poet, either solo or with her band of poets "Poetry in Motion."

She has published 3 books of poetry Unsung Songs (2003), Silver Tears and Time (2005), Contingencies (2008) and co-authored a book on film production design. Designing Movies: Portrait of a Hollywood Artist (Greenwood/Praeger 2006)

She will also introduce us to her friend and flute player Paul Nyenhuis –who will definitely be representing the “M”(music) in NAMAPAHH throughout the duration of the show :

Paul Nyenhuis-Flute Player
Paul Nyenhuis

“Paul is the creator of beautiful native American flutes. Paul uses his creations to play his compositions of beautiful, soulful, spiritual music; musical collaborations between Paul and Nature.”


Paul will also be in a musical lineup this weekend, in our backyard:

Anacortes Arts Festival

More than 30 shows lined up for Arts Festival weekend….

“A long weekend of nearly constant music in almost every imaginable style — plus a bonus Wednesday chamber music concert at the port warehouse — are in store with the Anacortes Arts Festival this week.”

2 p.m. — Paul Nyenhuis, Native American style flute, KPLU Stage

Other interesting/related links to my guests:

~We will have some announcements for
Red Road Community Calendar-
which will go until 8:30PM PST~
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NAMAPAHH:Th7-24-08-Bear ButteSD-Sacred SiteVSBikers & Liquor;TCJ08+Fire News-CA....

NAMAPAHH:Th7-24-08-Bear ButteSD-Sacred SiteVSBikers & Liquor;TCJ08+Fire News-CA....

For Immediate Release : NAMAPAHH First People's Radio:

Bear Butte SD-Sacred Site VS Bikers & Liquor
Tribal Canoe Journeys ’08 /Swinomish teams up with USGS- testing
water, plant life , conduting scientific surveys & more
Update on fires in N. California- weather helping, but still hard for
some to breath.

Please tune into NAMAPAHH First People's Radio:

Thursday 7-24-08:
7-8:30 PM (PST)

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio
Host/Producer Robin Carneen
Co-host Carneen Allen

Show times:
Thurs 7-8:30pm (PST)
Rebroadcasts: Sun 4-5pm (PST)

Ways to hear our show online:
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Thursday 7-7:45PM (PST)

7-7:25pm PST: Bear Butte SD- Sacred Site VS Bikers & Liquor
Update on Bear Butte issue 7-24-08

Phone in Guest 1: Tamra Brennen
Founder/Director: Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation

Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation is a grass roots organization, working towards the protection of sacred sites across the country. Our organization has been actively involved with the ongoing struggle to Protect Bear Butte for several years. We are continuing these efforts, our organization is currently leading the campaign regarding the new developments and further expansions at Bear Butte.

Please visit our main website at
We have a dedicated website for the Bear Butte issue at

In peace & solidarity, Tamra Brennan
Founder/Director: Protect Sacred Sites Indigenous People, One Nation and

Breaking News: 7-1-08: VIA TAMARA BRENNEN:

Meade County Commissioners approve Broken Spoke Campground liquor license; Corporate America ~vs~ Sacred Sites, Decision on Bear Butte issue 7-1-08; Bear Butte bar gets nod for liquor license


Topic: Broken Spoke Campground-upcoming motorcycle (bike) rally; concerts every night this year, helicopters flying overhead, etc.

“…the rally could be potentially 250,000 people ( in Sturgis) ….normally a community of about 6,500 people, so this influx of people all at once is overwhelming.

“Our organization Protect Sacred Sites and Parks, filed a complaint with FAA, they did make recommendations to BSC to not fly over Bear Butte, and gave them other suggested flight patterns.”

“We have been working with NARF for legal assistance, they hopefully will be filing a legal letter to Broken Spoke in the next few days about this issue.”

“Our org submitted a Tribal Resolution to the Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association for the protection of Bear Butte and the helicopter issue. They unanimously approved the resolution on July 10th, (Resolution 52-07-10-08) . This will also be submitted to NARF as additional documentation of support for the issue. I will post a copy of the resolution on our website and blog, as soon as I get a digital copy of it, within the next couple days.

We will be walking around each day during the Rally, reaching out to the Biker community about the Bear Butte issue. We are continuing the campaign "Bikers for Bear Butte" and will be passing out the fliers during the rally. Over the past couple months, our organization and volunteers have sent out approximately 5,000-6,000 emails and still counting, the Bikers for Bear Butte flier, to various biker websites, message boards, dealerships, organizations and clubs.”

What's new on Protect Bear Butte website: Detailed timeline summary of Bear Butte issue from 2003 shooting range issue, to today's struggle with the bars.

For up to date info about the ongoing efforts to Protect Bear Butte, visit us at


"Our sacred lands are all that remain keeping us connected to our place on Mother Earth, to our spirituality, our heritage and our lands; what's left of them. If they take it all away, what will remain except a vague memory of a past so forgotten?"


Phone in Guest 2,3,4 : 7:30-7:45 PM:


1-Michael Bucher-Native American musician filmed music video: Dirty Water- singing about Bear Butte SD- Sacred Site… From CD release-SEVEN (2006);
2-PK Productions/Studio West Management;Karla LaRive; 3- Editor for "Best Short Form Music Video/DVD" Christopher Crosby

“The genesis for my CD, SEVEN was to help raise awareness and educate all I could reach about the desecration of native burial mounds, grave sites and sacred sites. It grew from there to include just a few of the difficulties Indian country is facing today, what my Cherokee ancestors faced in the past, my spiritual beliefs and personal struggle.

The path for this musical journey goes back to my youth and the stories told by my Grandmother and Great Uncle, the last fluent speaker of the language in my family. One of the most compelling for me as a youth was about the desecration of the burial mounds and grave sites prior to the forced removal.

That stuck deep inside. My passion was overwhelming.

So we come to present day and the desecration continues. Not only the graves of our relatives but the sacred places they have shared with us. Our sacred sites. Our holy ground. The reasons are many and some being more complex, however, my passion is the same. In the words of my uncle before he changed worlds, “If you want it to change, you’ll have to take a stand”. I humbly respond. A HANI TSI TOGA Here I stand.

I will remain vocal and in support of the ancient ones and all they held sacred. It is all that I hold sacred.

In peace, Michael Bucher”


For Immediate Release……. July 18, 2008

PK PRODUCTIONS, LLC releases its second music video, DIRTY WATER performed by (2007) NAMA nominated for "Best Debut Artist" and "Best Folk Recording" Native American acoustic singer/songwriter Michael Bucher and produced in association with (2007) NAMA nominated Video Director/Editor for "Best Short Form Music Video/DVD" Christopher Crosby of musicseenPROductions.



DIRTY WATER is a tribute video about the spiritual battle of Mato Paha - Bear Butte Mountain, being threatened by the encroachment of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, South Dakota.

On the Northeastern edge of the Black Hills, just a few miles from the small town of Sturgis, off Highway 34, lies one of the most sacred mountains to the Plains Indians from the United States and Canada.

Up to 60 different tribes traveled to Bear Butte to fast and pray. Separated by about 8 miles of prairie from the greater Black Hills, which are also considered sacred by these same nations of people, Bear Butte looks like a sleeping bear lying on its side with its head pointed toward the northeast. Geologists call Bear Butte a laccolith, or a bubble of magma that did not become a complete volcano.

All the tribes of the Sioux people: Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota, came to Bear Butte to pray. The months of May, June, and July will see families camped at the base while a relative is standing on the side of the mountain fasting in deep meditation. Small colored pieces of cloth containing pinches of tobacco are wrapped around trees and bushes as prayer gifts to the Creator. Larger flags of red, white, black, or yellow, the sacred colors, also are tied to trees to carry the prayers to all the directions.

Bear Butte, the mountain proper, is currently a National Historic Landmark managed by the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks Department. Although a few parcels of adjacent land have been purchased by some Native American nations, the rest of the surrounding area is ranchland, or is being sold to developers. Two drag racing strips, biker bars, a convenience store, campgrounds, and housing developments are all located within a few miles of this sacred place.

The tribute music video was shot on-location during the 2007 Sturgis Rally in the Black Hills, South Dakota including: Bear Butte Mountain State Park; City of Sturgis; Fort Meade National Cemetery; Reddy Ranch/Wounded Knee; Oglala Nation Pow-Wow/Pine Ridge Reservation; Hartman Ranch/Oelrichs, South Dakota and, Seneca Niagara Casino and Hotel, New York.

On the net:


KARLA LARIVE (Executive Producer) of PK Productions, LLC is Producer/Manager Rep on Native American Hip Hop Artist/Activist, SHADOWYZE's new CD release; 2006 Club Re-mix. She is co-producer with musicseenPROductions on Shadowyze's first music video, BUMPY ROADS.

Bumpy Roads premiered at the Tulalip Tribe Film Festival in Washington on August 24th 2007 and, was nominated for “Best Short Form Music Video/DVD” at the 2007 Native American Music Awards in Niagara Falls, New York.

With entertainment management background in Broadway theatre, special events and concert promotion, Ms. LaRive is also the Creative Director for Studio West Management of Hot Springs, South Dakota.

On the net:;;

CHRISTOPHER CROSBY (Video Director/Editor) of musicseenPROductions, brings a background in video production and media development to PK Productions, LLC. musicseenPROductions was founded in 2000 with the concept of building leverage for the artists by producing music videos and promotional materials. With an education in music business management from the Art Institute of Atlanta, and music theory from the Guitar Institute of Technology; he specializes in creating music videos and web design.

Mr. Crosby was nominated for “Best Short Form Music Video/DVD” for Shadowyze’s BUMPY ROADS at the 2007 Native American Music Awards in Niagara Falls, New York.

On the net:; www.visionquestvideomagazine


MICHAEL BUCHER (Artist) is a Cherokee singer-songwriter who was taught from the beginning of his memory the stories, language and legends of his people. His songs are intended to teach, heal and bring an awareness to everyone who hears them. He sings about topics that are important to him and others in Indian Country. From the desecration of sacred sites, to Cherokee legends, to the sometimes seemingly Invisible Indian, there's a passionate quality throughout. With strong vocals and heartfelt lyrics, his music is a blend of acoustic guitar, native and a contemporary drum, flute, shakers, rattles, bass and electric guitars, and cuts a swath through native folk, blues and rock.

On the net:;

Michael Bucher, Dirty Water was submitted to 5 categories this year’s 10th Annual Native American Music Awards, Saturday, October 4, 2008 at the Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel in Niagara Falls, NY. Public voting will begin on August 4 thru October 4 2008 - On the Net:

Public Relations for Dirty Water:

Karla R. LaRive, Studio West Management

PO Box 752

Hot Springs, SD 57747




(taken 07/22/2008): USGS scientist Eric Grossman installing water-quality instruments in a canoe at the beach at the Swinomish Tribal Community Center near La Conner, WA (USGS photo by John Clemens)

A Blending of Science and Tradition

The Coast Salish leaders, skippers and community and USGS have formed a new dynamic relationship that blends traditional knowledge of the Coast Salish Nation and USGS science to help manage environmental resources and protect mother earth.

In an exciting new partnership between the Coast Salish (indigenous peoples of the Salish Sea ecoregion) and the USGS, members of western Washington Tribes and British Columbia First Nations will measure water quality in Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia during the Tribal Journey, the annual summer canoe voyage. The project will provide a snapshot of current water quality conditions and data that can be compared with future measurements along successive journeys. This information is important to improve management of ancestral waters that are experiencing environmental decline.

Note: Visit this site often to follow the Tribal Journey's progress through updated press releases, videos, podcasts and photos!

Listen to a pod cast:


(taken 07/21/2008): Eric Day, Swinomish Tribe canoe skipper; Brian Cladoosby, Chairman of the Swinomish Tribe; Bob Doyle, USGS deputy director; and Eric Grossman, USGS scientist, at the July 21, 2008, news conference in the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community's Administration Building near La Conner, WA (USGS photo by John Clemens)

Photo by Connie Allen

Paddle to Quw'utsun 2008-
Swinomish hosts Tribal Canoes heading to Cowichan BC
By Robin Carneen

On 7-21-08 close to a dozen canoes landed on Monday afternoon between 3: 30 pm and sunset, on the beach by the Swinomish Office of planning. Cedar canoes traveled from various parts of the Puget Sound and Oregon, to the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community to rest overnight before going onto Cowichan, BC- this year's destination for Tribal Canoe Journey.

Cedar canoes came ashore after a hard paddle on Monday- they had been going against the severe rip tide and afternoon wind, all safely making it to their host’s shores along the Swinomish Channel. Lummi; Nooksack; Grande Ronde & Warm Springs, Oregon canoe families, as well as Suquamish, Samish & Tulalip were the canoes They were greeted by growing crowd of friends, family and curious onlookers, who proudly welcomed the small band of canoes. Most canoes are able to seat about 9 people, per canoe and each canoe family averaged two full cedar canoes per family. Their ground crews had come ahead of them and set up their campsites on the Swinomish Ball Field, where they would be staying overnight, before they paddled the next day to the Samish Nation.

As the sun was setting behind the Rainbow Bridge between Swinomish and the town of La Conner, WA , canoe skippers asked their hosts permission for their families to come ashore, some used their Native language as they were asking. Swinomish Chairman Brian Cladoosby and some of the other Senators warmly greeted the tired and hungry crews and quickly gave them permission and invited them to eat, sleep and celebrate on the Swinomish land.

A big Salmon feed was put on and soon afterwards there was Protocol at the Swinomish Smokehouse- this where families come together to share songs and dance together. There were many young people in attendance and participating- which is a natural goal for TCJ- it is all about the youth & Elders getting together with each other; language preservation, healing and so much more. It is also a rare chance for the Salish people to have an annual reunion based on a foundation of rich, long standing traditions and a demonstration of cultural and language preservation- vital to the Northwest tribes.
For more information about the Paddle to Quw'utsun 2008, visit:
Overall Source:

START: Nooksack – Saturday July 19 / Leave July 20

Land Lummi – Sunday July 20 / Leave July 21

Land Swinomish – Monday July 21 / Leave July 22

Land Samish – Tuesday July 22 / Leave July 23

Land Shaw Island – Wednesday July 23 / Leave July 24

Land Roche Harbor – Thursday July 24 / Extra nite / Leave July 26

Land Tsawout (E. Saanich) – Saturday July 26 / Leave July 27

Land Tsartlip (W. Saanich) – Sunday July 27 / Leave July 28

Land COWICHAN – Monday July 28 / Combined Events go to Aug. 10



FIRE NEWS UPDATE from Hoopa, CA- Ph interview w/ Allie Hostler (tentative)

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors Declares State of Emergency Due to Air Quality Northern California wildfire smoke poses public health threat Hoopa Tribe Leads Way in Wildfire Smoke Relief

See attached NEWS RELEASE

Contact: Allie Hostler, Hoopa Valley Tribe OES Public Information Officer
(707) 407-7390

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For Immediate release : NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: 7-17 2008:New Music from Ontario.... Ojibway musician Dwayne Pamajewon...+Red Road Community

NAMAPAHH Radio: 7-17 2008:Ojibway musician Dwayne Pamajewon

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 3:34 PM, Robin Carneen wrote:

For Immediate release :

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio: 7-17 2008:
New Music from Ontario.... Ojibway musician Dwayne Pamajewon...

Thursday 7-17-08: 7-8:30PM PST

10-11:30PM EST

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio
Host/Producer Robin Carneen
Thurs 7-8:30pm Sun 4-5pm PST
Ways to hear our show online:
Or shorter segments via MYSPACE!
Main myspace page:

Studio line: (360) 416-7000

Thursday 7-8:30 pm (PST)

10-11:30 pm (EST)

Dwayne Pamajewon:

Crimson Tide
Release Date: June 24, 2008
Label: Independent

Track Listing:
1. Skinning Along
2. Red Machine
3. Crimson Tide
4. Pride and Passion
5. Catch My Drift
6. Treading Water
7. Fantasy Eyes
8. Deceitful Gamesmson Tide music

Dwayne Pamajewon is an Ojibway from the territory of Shawanaga and has been playing guitar and singing since he was fifteen years old. He is heavily influenced by the likes of Audioslave, The Doors, Creed, The Tragically Hip and many other artists.

In October 2005 he released his first CD entitled Patriotism that demonstrated his guitar and singing abilities. With the help of his friend Rick Capreol, engineer and co-producer; and Maria Morrison, CD art and designer, he realized his dream of making a CD that reflected his love and patriotism for his community, family and his people.

Fast forward to June 24, 2008, Dwayne once again teamed up with Maria Morrison, CD art and designer who created the CD look of Crimson Tide that is both visually appealing and powerful. For the musical side of things, Dwayne worked with Aiden McGill, engineer and co-producer to create a synergy of sounds and lyrics that generates pride and passion on every tune.

Crimson Tide:

Music engineer: Aiden McGill
Bass: Andrew Affleck
Lead Guitarist: Wendell Ferguson
Drums and Percussions: Craig Bignell
Vocal and Acoustic Guitar: Dwayne Pamajewon
Recorded at: InTown Sound Recording Studio - Southeast of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


Red Road Community Calendar:

Rebroadcast of Thursday night's Call in by guests: Larson & Jason Bill inviting us to the Protecting Mother Earth conference – July 17 – 20th 2008….a Global gathering – they are expecting 1,500 people. Will you be one of them?

More info:


Paddles up…Tribal Canoe Journey has begun…

First launched in 1989 as a celebration of Indigenous peoples' highly sophisticated relationship with the ocean, Tribal Journeys is one of the most prominent cultural events associated with the North American Indigenous Games. The largest-ever Tribal Journeys Canoe Voyage is set to mark the beginning of the 2008 Games.

As many as 80 traditional ocean-going canoes, from a variety of canoe cultures and nations, will make a two-week journey to Cowichan, travelling from as far north as the Alaskan border (Tlinget) and the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida) and as far south as Oregon State.

Their journey ends as they pull into Cowichan Bay. There they will be received into Cowichan territory with a traditional Coast Salish Welcome, a ceremony symbolic of ancient times when one nation would travel into the territory of another, reminding us of the importance of the sharing of culture and respect for Indigenous people all over the world.

Dates: Landing day is Monday, July 28th, 2008.
Protocol will continue until August 1, 2008.
Contact: Dawnda Nahanee

Tribal Journey Coordinator:
(250) 746 - 2008 ext 247

Links and info:

Northern Route – Bella Coola to Port Hardy, BC (Starts July 7)

Nuu chah nulth – Westcoast Vancouver Is. (Starts July 13)

Port Hardy to Quw'utsun - Salish Sea Route (Starts July 17)

West Coast Washington Route (Starts July 18 from Taholah)

San Juan Route (Starts July 20 from Nooksack)

Puget Sound Route (Starts July 20 from Squaxin)


Upcoming Events:





Seattle, WA- The Native American Music Association (N.A.M.A.) is proud to present a special concert featuring upcoming N.A.M.A. Hall of Fame inductees Redbone with their certified gold recording of COME & GET YOUR LOVE and Taste of Honey's Janice Marie Johnson with her multi-platinum single BOOGIE OOGIE OOGIE in a special Hall of Fame Concert on Saturday August 16th at the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe's White River Amphitheatre on the Muckleshoot Indian Reservation.

Tickets are $10.00, $25.00 and $40.00 and are on-sale now at all Ticketmaster outlets or available through Showtime is 6:00pm. The critically-acclaimed Blues/Rock group Indigenous will be the opening act. Native American vendors will also accommodate the premises.

Redbone, featuring original founding member Pat Vegas, is a Native American rock group that reached the Top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1974 with the song, "Come and Get Your Love." The Pop/Funk song was certified Gold by the R.I.A.A for selling over one million copies is still heard today on radio stations throughout the country. Formed in Los Angeles, California, by Patrick Vasquez (Pat Vegas) on bass and vocals and his brother, Lolly, the name Redbone itself is a reference to the band members' mixed blood ancestry. Their first commercial success came with the single "Maggie" from their second recording, Potlatch, in 1970, and two other hit singles followed - "The Witch Queen of New Orleans" (1971) and "Come and Get Your Love" (1974). In 1973 Redbone released the politically oriented "We were all wounded at Wounded Knee" recalling the massacre of Lakota Sioux Indians by the Seventh Cavalry in 1890. The song reached the #1 chart position in Europe. With 15 recordings to their credit throughout their 40-year career and covers by the Real McCoy, Earth Wind & Fire and Cyndi Lauper, the Native American Music Awards will induct Redbone along with Janice-Marie Johnson into the N.A.M.A. Hall of Fame at the Tenth Annual Awards show on October 4, 2008 in New York.

Janice-Marie will also be joining Redbone at White River Amphitheater. Janice-Marie is the founder and principal songwriter of the internationally acclaimed and Grammy award-winning group A Taste of Honey. A Taste of Honey's self-titled debut release rocked the record industry with the multi-platinum Disco/R&B smash hit "Boogie Oogie Oogie," a Janice-Marie penned composition. The recording garnered the group a Grammy for "Best New Artist of the Year," and nominations for "Best R&B Single" and "Best Vocal Performance by a Group or Duo." Through the years, Janice-Marie's songs have been covered, sampled and borrowed many times. Her music of yesterday contributes greatly to the success of numerous 'R&B,' 'Pop,' 'Rap' and 'Hip Hop' artists of today including; Ice Cube, Mary J. Blige, MC Lyte, and Japanese and European artists as well. Her music has also been showcased on television programs including "American Idol," "All My Children," "Swingtown," "The Oprah Winfrey Show," and movie credits including; "A Fate Worse Than Death," "Step Mom," "Mystery Man," "Contact" among others. Commercial credits include Coca Cola, Frito Lay, The New York Lottery, Burger King and Old Navy. With a 30-year career behind her, Janice-Marie the record producer, musician, songwriter and entertainer has once again returned to the limelight with the release of her long-awaited CD "Hiatus Of The Heart." The single, "Until The Eagle Falls", embraces her Stockbridge-Munsee-Mohican heritage, and garnered Janice-Marie with a 2002 "Nammy Award for 'Best Producer.'

The Blues-rock group Indigenous featuring lead singer, guitarist and primary composer & lyricist, Mato Nanji will be opening for Janice Marie Johnson and Redbone . Indigenous began their career as a Native American family raised on the Yankton Indian Reservation in South Dakota. From the earliest Indigenous performances, Mato's fiery guitar playing was widely recognized among the greatest of his generation. Indigenous signed with Pachyderm Records in September of 1998. They released their first single, "Now That You're Gone," that same year. The record, according to K. L. Testerman in Lakota Times, was the fifteenth most played rock and roll song in the United States. Indeed, by early 1999, Indigenous' music reverberated from radio stations across the lower 48 states and was awarded the Native American Music Awards' Group of the Year with the release of Live At Pachyderm Studios in 1999. A second single, "Things We Do," was released on video and received Best Video at the American Indian Film Festival that year. By the end of the 1999 calendar year, Indigenous was a popular opening band for prominent blues performers such as B. B. King and Bob Dylan. Critical comparisons between Mato and legendary Carlos Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughn remain commonplace. Indigenous currently performs as many as 200 concerts annually. They are expected to release their next CD recording, '"Broken Lands" on August 19th.

Apache Gospel artist, Johnny Curtis, will also be performing and will be honored with a Lifetime Achievement award.

The Native American Music Awards & Association, founded in 1998, is the country's leading membership-based association consisting of music industry professionals directly involved in the recording and distribution of traditional and contemporary Native American Music initiatives. Visit for more information.

511 AVENUE THE AMERICAS #371 NEW YORK NY 10011 TEL 212.228.8300 FAX 646.688.6883



Bringing the Voice of the People
to the Candidates!

This forum invites all registered candidates without endorsing any candidate. Partners Communities of Color Coalition Equity & Diversity Center, Edmonds Community College Familias Unidas Families Advocating for Students of Color League of Women Voters, Snohomish County Chapter NAACP, Snohomish County Branch Snohomish County Children's Commission South Everett Neighborhood Center Tulalip Tribes WA State Commission for Asian Pacific American Affairs WSPTA Region 7 Vision – Each and every child enjoys successful experiences in education that prepare them for their lives as adults. Mission – The community shares with candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI) their priorities in education, and candidates witness the community's passion and dreams for young people. Come meet the people who want to direct the educational future of the children of Washington State.

July 18, 2008 Tulalip: 3:00pm Tulalip Boys & Girls Club July 19, 2008 Lynnwood: 1:00pm Edmonds Community College Triton Union Bldg. Rm 202 Marysville: 4:00pm Marysville Family YMCA

For more information contact: English: Suzi Wright 360-716-5047 Español: Winnie Corral 425-513-2880 If you need additional accommodations, including language interpretation, please let us know.

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