Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Life is my Sundance from Harvey Arden & Others
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CENSORED: 'My Life is My Sundance' theater photos_

For any of you who don't know her, Brenda Norrell was on staff as a main
reporter for many years with Indian Country Today until they started
censoring her articles. Then she became freelance. She is widely read
and highly respected among the NA communities throughout the country for
her honesty as well as her willingness to do an expose'.

It was very nice of her to post the play pictures and my review on her new

just thought you'd all like to know it was out there.

-Stephanie Schwartz

Thursday, April 5, 2007

NAMAPAHH First People's Radio
APRIL 5, 2007
KSVR 91.7 FMHome website:
Host/Producer Robin Carneen

Guest host: Jerome Edge(stay tuned from 8:30-10pm Thurs: Massive Mix Session/DJ Defkawn)

Thurs 7-8:30pm Sun 4-5pm PSTWays to hear our show online:

Studio line: (360) 416-7000

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I want to thank Karla LaRive for setting up this evening interview with Hip Hop artists, Shadowyze from South Dakota, who will kick off tonight NAMAPAHH First People Radio Special music program, featuring Hip Hop artists who are Native American. He will be the first of several featured on tonight program, leading off at 7pm & at 8 pm we will have live, in the studio, Redskin hailing out of Seattle, a little Tulalip “in the house"Jerome Edge will also be my guest co-host & will keep Redskin in the KSVR 91.7 FM studio to continue the discussion of why so many Native Americans are storytelling via Hip Hop . Jerome will keep it going with his show from 8:30-10pm on the Massive Mix Session with DJ Defkawn. I have provided contact & links to all our who have made this show possible as well as our guests, who we are really excited to have on:

Karla R. LaRive
Studio West Management, PK Productions, LLC
P.O. Box 752 , Hot Springs , SD 57747
605-745-5008 office

Shadowyze: 7-7:40pm PST
Shadowyze new music video, Bumpy Roads

SOUTH DAKOTA'S PINE RIDGE RESERVATION sets the backdrop for Native American Hip Hop Artist, Shadowyze's new music video, "BUMPY ROADS." The four minute music video was filmed and edited by Christopher Crosby of musicseen productions, in association with PK Productions, LLC. Written and performed by Shadowyze, the 2006 re-mix is a blend of Hip Hop and sultry smooth tracks that feature blues singer, Shea Keck and hip hop artist, Cherokee Kid. Shot on location in September of 2006, the music video also features historic locations in Wounded Knee Memorial, Manderson, Cuny Table, Pine Ridge Reservation; Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Hot Springs, South Dakota; Mount Moriah, Deadwood, South Dakota; and Nashville, Tennessee. Music produced and recorded by DJ Dev at Devastin' Musik Studios, Nashville. Executive Producers and Management Rep: PK Productions, LLC - BUMPY ROADS

About the Shaowyze, the NDN man:

Description: Shadowyze (pronounced shadow-wise) is a 2001 Grammy Nominated Native American hip hop/rap artist who comes from a background of Muscogee Creek Indian, Scots-Irish and Swedish heritage. As a spokesman for unity, Native American Rapper, Shadowyze brings to the table his indigenous socio-political activism and, has caught the attention of countless fans seeking music with a message even-deeper than the bass that bumps in their rides. The video was shot on location on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota and Nashville, TN. Executive Producers: PK Productions, by: musicseen productions Myspace/musicseenproductions Artist: Shadowyze

Redskin in the KSVR 91.7 FM HOUSE!!! 8-9pmPST

“Gonna hold Syrille down and love Syrille till the day I die. My life is my life and on the real I cant call it.... I love those who want to be loved. Everyday Im learning what it is to be a man, a father, and a Indian.....I will forever serve the creator.....Skin"

You've never seen a love like his. You've also never met a rapper quite like him either... one so truly and unequivocally devoted to his people, their legacy, and his hopes for their future. Through the mastery of words, Redskin seeks to make dreams manifest in the form of rhyme-driven oration, syncopated to perfectly complementary beats. His intensity gets the blood moving to a pounding pace; it's virtually impossible not to empathize with his desires and connect with his enthusiasm.

Redskin's confidence is unabashed and for a person constantly under the scrutiny of the public's probing attention, his motives are uncharacteristically, and pleasantly, transparent. He makes it clear that he will settle for nothing less than supremacy, both for himself and his crew. Lest you be quick to hastily brush aside his assertions as empty boasts, 'Skin's got the facts to back his every utterance.

It is a fact that he's been on the airwaves for years. It's a fact that he's facilitated the creation of countless albums, not to mention music videos. And it is an indisputable fact that Redskin has the dedication, talent and captivating personality that will lead him straight to the front of the pack. Doubting his grind is beyond foolish -- it's just fuel for his fire.

PLEASE cc me at: tetawin38@hotmail.com
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